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System Number: EDB0000

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Revision Date: PUBL. 12/31/99




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Base Payroll System Employee Data Base (EDB) Data Dictionary

University of California Office of the President Information Systems & Administrative Services


The Base Payroll System Employee Data Base (EDB) Data Dictionary is intended for use by Payroll functional and technical staff.

The EDB Data Dictionary consists of two lists of data elements and a section of data element definitions. The first list is in data element number sequence, the second list is in data element name sequence.

In this dictionary the "Programming Name" is made up of the Data Element Number (a unique four digit number) followed by a dash (-) and then by a one digit check-digit. All but 6000 series data elements have a Check-Digit. The check-digit is provided for information purposes. (See the "EDB DATA ELEMENT CHECK-DIGIT" below for further information.)


Each data element definition contains, where applicable, the following details:

	Data Element Number 	EDBXXXX where XXXX uniquely identifies a data element in the EDB 
	Programming Name	XXXX-Y  where XXXX is the Data Element Number and Y is the Check-Digit 
	Source(s) 		Technical origin of the Data Element
	Use(s) 			Description of HOW and/or WHERE the Data Element is used 
	Location(s) 		Indication, if any, ofcorresponding data elements in other Corporate Systems and Payroll System files 
	Name 			A descriptive Title for the Data Element 
	Type 			Indication of the numeric vs alphanumeric value of the data 
	Length 			Logical Length of the Data Element
	Format 			Description of order and/or appearance of data within the element (usually associated with alphanumeric 
				Data Elements) 
	General Description  	A brief description of the Data Element 
	Code Interpretation 	Valid Range(s) of values for the Data Element


All but 6000 series EDB Data Elements are assigned a Check-Digit, a numeric code which is used to validate all EDB Maintenance transaction entries.

Check-digit values are assigned using the following formula:

Check-digit = RMD {DIGIT1 + (3X DIGIT2) + (7 X DIGIT3) + DIGIT4} where RMD is the RIGHT-MOST DIGIT.


The check-d

If the Data Element Number is 2 0 5 9

Digit1 = 2, Digit2 = 0, Digit3 = 5, Digit4 = 9

Check-Digit = RMD {2 + (3 X 0) + (7 X 5) + 9}

= RMD {2 + 0 + 35 + 9}

= RMD {46} 6 is the Right-Most Digit of 46 and is used as the Check-Digit

Therefore, 2 0 5 9 - 6 is the full Data Element Number