PPS EDB Data Element Definition

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System Number: EDB0110

User Access Name: 0110-0

Programming Name: VISA_TYPE IN PPPPAY

Revision Date: 07/08/14


Location(s):   BAS 1052 - Visa Type Code-BAS in HDB



Length: 2



General Description

Code indicating the type of visa held by an individual.

Code Interpretation


A1    - Ambassador, public minister, career diplomat or consular officer
         and members of immediate family
A2    - Other foreign government official or employee,
         and members of immediate family
B1    - Visitor for business (often scholars)
B2    - Temporary visitor for pleasure
DA    - DACA Status
E1    - Treaty Trader, spouse and children
E2    - Treaty Investor, spouse and children
E3    - Principal visa holder and dependents from Australia
F1    - Student
F2    - Spouse or child of student
G1    - Employees of International Organizations
G2    - Employees of International Organizations
G3    - Employees of International Organizations
G4    - International organization officer or employee,
         and members of immediate family
H1    - Temporary worker - Specialty Occupations
H2    - Temporary worker - Skilled and Unskilled
H3    - Trainee
H4    - Spouse or child of an H1, H2 or H3 visa holder
I1    - Foreign Journalist
J1    - Exchange visitor
J2    - Spouse or child of exchange visitor
K1    - Fiance(e) of an American citizen
K2    - Minor children of K1 visa holder
K3    - Spouse of a U.S. Citizen
K4    - Children of K-3 visa holders 
L1    - Specialized knowledge
L2    - Dependent of L1 visa holder
M1    - Vocational Student
M2    - Dependent of M-1 visa holders
O1    - Alien with extraordinary ability
O2    - Alien with critical skills and experience
O3    - Spouse and unmarried children of the O1 or O2 employee
P1    - Alien athlete internationally recognized
P2    - Alien artists or entertainers, individual or group
P3    - Alien providing essential support to the P1 and P2 visas
P4    - Dependents of P visa holders
Q1    - Participants in international cultural exchange programs
R1    - Religious Workers
R2    - Dependents of R-1 visa holders 
PR    - Permanent Resident (Green Card)
RF    - Refugee/Asylee
TC    - Canadian citizen with TC-1 classification temporarily
        engaging in business activities at a professional level
        (often researchers)
TD    - Dependents of TN visa holders
TN    - Canadian or Mexican citizen with TN-1 classification
        temporarily engaging in business activities at a
        professional level (often researchers)
TP    - Temporary Protected Status
U1    - Victims of Criminal Activity 
V1    - Spouse of a lawful permanent resident
V2    - Unmarried child (under the age of 21) of a lawful
        permanent resident
V3    - The child of either a V-1 or a V-2 non-immigrant
WB    - Waiver for business
WT    - Waiver for tourist (pleasure)