PPS EDB Data Element Definition

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System Number: EDB0713

User Access Name: 0713-1

Programming Name: HONOR_TYPE IN PPPHON

Revision Date: PUBL. 01/28/11




Length: 4



General Description

Code indicating the type of honor received by the employee.

Code Interpretation

General Codes:
DAN        - Danforth Fellows
EXXX       - Endowed Chair (XXX as defined by Campus)
FUL        - Fulbright Awards
GUG        - Guggenheim Awards
MAC        - MacArthur Fellow
NAE        - National Academy of Engineering
NAED       - National Academy of Education
NAS        - National Academy of Sciences
NIM        - National Institute of Medicine
NOB        - Nobel Prize
PAC        - Packard Fellow
PROF       - University Professor
PYI        - Presidential Young Investigator

HSCP Degree Codes:
AUD        - Doctorate in Audiology
BDS        - Bachelor of Dental Surgery
DDS        - Doctor of Dental Surgery
DMD        - Doctor of Medical Dentistry
DNP        - Doctor of Nursing Practice
DNS        - Doctor of Nursing Science
DO         - Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine 
DPT        - Doctor in Physical Therapy
DPTS       - Doctor of Phys Therapy Sci
DRPH       - Doctor of Public Health
DSC        - Doctor of Science
DVM        - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
MBS        - Bachelor of Medicine
MD         - Doctor of Medicine
MPH        - Master of Public Health
MPT        - Master of Physical Therapy
MSN        - Master of Science in Nursing
ND         - Doctor of Nursing
OD         - Doctor of Optometry
PHAR       - Doctor of Pharmacy
PHD        - Doctor of Philosophy
PSY        - Doctor of Psychology
SMH        - Doctor of Mental Health