PPS PAR Data Element Definition

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System Number: PAR2165

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Revision Date: PUBL. 05/29/03





Length: 1



General Description

This element indicates how the employee was handled, in terms of Final Pay criteria, at the point in time of the PPP390/PPP400 compute process. It is applicable only to current activity PARs.

Code Interpretation

1. Blank - Normal (no final pay indicated by compute or rush check within 
   current normal pay period).
2. "F" - Final pay issued during this Final Pay compute.
3. "P" - "Pending"; Normal pay issued by Final Pay compute (i.e., employee 
   was originally selected for Final Pay roster but extended after the normal 
   cycle was already run but before the associated Final Pay was run. Therefore, 
   normal pay must be issued in the Final Pay cycle because the employee was 
   blocked during the execution of the associated normal cycle).
4. "B" - Block TE/TX/AU pay in PPP390 but otherwise treat the cycle like normal 
   compute so current leave accrual period is closed, etc) but in PPP400, treat 
   the cycle like an XX (i.e., no fixed deductions). This Final Pay Status value 
   is normally associated the employee's normal pay cycle when a final pay Rush 
   Check has been issued sometime during the period covered by the normal cycle.
5. "X" - Treat the cycle like an XX both in PPP390 and PPP400. This Final Pay 
   Status value is normally associated the employee's normal pay cycle if the 
   employee has been, or will be, processed during a Final Pay Compute where all 
   normal cycle processing will be performed for the individual.
6. "I" - Some form of final pay activity occurred prior to the begin date of this, 
   the employee's current normal cycle (since this activity is from a prior time 
   period, the Final Pay elements on his/her EDB record will be removed.