PPS PAR Data Element Definition

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System Number: PAR4906

User Access Name:

Programming Name: HPA_COV_CODE PPPHPA

Revision Date: 11/08/02


 Location(s): N/A



Length: 3


A three character code consisting of "U", "C", "A", "M", and blanks. The first character represents the employee. The second character represents adult or child(ren) when no adult. The third character represents child(ren) when there is an adult.

A "U", "A" or "C" indicates uninsured by Medicare; an "M" indicates insured by Medicare; and, a blank indicates no coverage.

Valid values are: U, UA, UC, UAC, M, MM, MMM, MA, MC, MAC, MMC.

General Description

Code indicating self, self and adult, self and children, and self and family plan coverage and indicating the number of insured covered by Medicare.

Code Interpretation

U	Self Only
UA	Self and Adult
UC	Self and Children
UAC	Self and Family
M	Self only - Medicare
MM	Self and Adult - Medicare
MA	Self and Adult - One in Medicare
MC	Self and Children - One in Medicare
MAC	Self and Family - One in Medicare
MMC	Self and Family - Two in Medicare
MMM	Self and Family	- Three or more in Medicare