PPS TCT Data Element Definition

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System Number: TCT1070

User Access Name:

Programming Name: TCI_CTO_OSC in PPPTCI

Revision Date: September, 2000




Length: 3



General Description

Code indicating the primary occupation group to which a title is assigned. For Staff titles, this element is known as the Occupational Subgroup Code (OSC). For Academic titles, the component characters of the CTO have been assigned specific values.

Code Interpretation


A	Student Services
B	Clerical and Allied Services
C	Food and Linen Services
D	Communication, Arts and Graphics
E	Architecture, Engineering and Allied Services
F	Fiscal, Management and Staff Services
G	Maintenance, Fabrication and Operations
H	Health Care and Allied Services
I	Sciences, Laboratory and Allied Services
J	Protective Services
M	Management
S	Academic Administrative Officers
Z	Other
0	Faculty-Ladder Ranks
1	Faculty-Acting Ranks
2 	Faculty-Lecturers
3	Other Faculty
4	Student Assistants
5	Research
6	Librarians
7	Cooperative Extension
8	University Extension
9	Other Academic Personnel


S2	Deans and Provosts
S3	Director
S4	Coordinator-Administrator
S5	Academic-Administrator
01	Professorial
03	Clinical Professor of Dentistry - 50% or more
04	Supervisor of Physical Education
11	Acting Professor-Senate
12	Acting Professor-Non-Senate
21	Lecturer - With Security of Employment
22	Lecturer Titles
31	Professor in Residence
32	Visiting Professor
33	Adjunct Professor
34	Clinical Professor
35	Instructional Assistant
42	Teaching Assistant and Equivalent
43	Research Assistant
44	Intern or Resident
45	Other Student Titles
46	Associate - Student
47	Postgraduate Research-Student
52	Astronomer
53	Agronomist
54	Professional Research
55	Specialist
56	Other Research
57	Postgraduate Research - Non-Student
62	Librarian
72	Cooperative Extension
82	University Extension
92	Miscellaneous Titles


A10	Recreational Services
A15	School Relations Services
A20	Residential Services
A25	Placement Services
A30	Advising Services
A35	Counseling Services
B15	Clerical/Administrative, Special and Mail Services
B20	Key Entry Operationis
B30	Storekeeping
B40	Word Processing
C10	Food Service Management-Dietitians
C15	Food Preparation and Distribution - Cooks & Bakers
C20	Food Preparation and Distribution - Supervisors & Workers
C25	Linen Service Management
C30	Linen Preparation and Distribution
D10	Communication
D15	Art and Graphics - Photography
D25	Art and Graphics - Theater
E10	Architecture and Planning
E15	Drafting
E20	Engineering
F10	Computer Operations
F15	Computer Programming and Analysis
F20	Administrative, Budget and Personnel Analysis
F30	Management Services
F35	Fiscal Services
F40	Employment Services
F45	Materiel Management
G15	Physical Plant Services - Agriculture and Grounds
G20	Physical Plant Services - Operations
G23	Physical Plant Services - Maintenance
G25	Physical Plant Services - Maintenance
G33	Custodial Services
G35	Custodial Services
G40	Technical and Operations Services
G45	Marine Trades
G55	Automotive and Aircraft Equipment - Maintenance
G65	Automotive Equipment - Operation
G75	Reprographic and Bookbinding Services
G80	Printing Services
H10	Hospital Attendants - Assistants and Escorts
H15	Hospital Attendants - Vocational Nurses
H20	Technologists - Clinical Laboratory
H25	Technologists - Radiologic, Respiratory and Allied
H30	Technologists - ECG, EEG and Allied
H35	Nursing Services
H40	Physicians and Dentists
H45	Medical Auxiliary Services - Miscellaneous
H50	Pharmacists
H55	Hospital Radiation Physicists
H60	Medical Record Administrators and Technicians
H65	Social Services - Clinical
H70	Social Services - Community
H75	Psychologists
H80	Therapeutic Services
I10	Animal Care Services - Technicians
I15	Animal Care Services - Veterinarians
I20	Laboratory and Allied Services
I25	Sciences
J10	Police and Fire Services
J15	Parking and Guard Services
M05	Executive Program
M10	Managers
M20	Coaches & Related Professionals
S21	Dean
S24	Acting Dean and Acting Provost
S26	Divisional Dean
S27	Provost
S31	Director
S34	Acting Director
S44	Acting Academic Coordinator
S46	Academic Coordinator
S56	Academic Administrator
Z10	Student Aids, Outside Agencies
Z20	Unclassified
Z25	Unclassified
010	Professorial-Tenure
011	Professorial-Non Tenure
012	Professorial-Recall
016	Professorial-Emeritus
030	Clinical Professor of Dentistry-50% or more-Tenure
031	Clinical Professor of Dentistry-50% or more-Non Tenure
040	Supervisor of P.E.-Tenure
041	Supervisor of P.E.-Non Tenure
042	Supervisor of P.E.-Recall
114	Acting Professor-Senate
124	Acting Professor-Non Senate
210	Lecturer-Security of Employment
212	Lecturer-Security of Employment-Recall
216	Lecturer-Security of Employment-Emeritus
220	Lecturer-Continuity of Employment
221	Lecturer-Potential Security of Employment
225	Lecturer
311	Professor in Residence
316	___________-Senate-Emeritus
317	Professor of Clinical
323	Visiting Professor
335	Adjunct Professor
341	Clinical Professor
357	Instructional Assistant
426	Teaching Assistant & Equivalent
436	Research Assistant
446	Intern or Resident
456	Other Student Titles
467	Associate-Student
477	Post-Graduate Research-Student
520	Astronomer-Tenure
521	Astronomer-Non Tenure
522	Astronomer-Recall
523	Astronomer-Visiting
524	Astronomer-Acting
530	Agronomist-Tenure
531	Agronomist-Non Tenure
532	Agronomist-Recall
533	Agronomist-Visiting
534	Agronomist-Acting
541	Professional Research-Regular
542	Professional Research-Recall
543	Professional Research-Visiting
551	Specialist
557	Specialist in Agriculture Experiment Station
566	Other Research
577	Post-Graduate Research Non-Student
621	Librarian
623	Visiting Librarian
627	Associate and Assistant University Librarian
723	Visiting Cooperative Extension Specialist
727	Cooperative Extension Specialist
728	Cooperative Extension Advisor
729	Cooperative Extension Agronomist
824	Acting Continuing Education Specialist
827	Continuing Education Specialist - University Extension
828	University Extension Other
927	Miscellaneous Titles-Series
928	Miscellaneous Titles-Single Titles
999	Supplemental Pay Codes

Class Title Outline as a key for Academic Titles

Class Title Outline is a three character code.  It contains three positions (XYZ) whose values have particular meaning.

Position X (First Position):  Academic Group Code
	'S'	Administrative Titles
	'0'	Regular Teaching Faculty - Ladder Ranks
	'1'	Regular Teahing Faculty - Acting Ranks
	'2'	Lecturers
	'3'	Other Teaching Faculty
	'4'	Student Assistants
	'5'	Research
	'6'	Librarians
	'7'	Cooperative Extension
	'8'	University Extension
	'9'	Other Academic Personnel and Pay Codes
Position Y (Second Position):  Academic Senate Membership
	'0' Non-Senate, including student titles
	'1' Senate membership
	'2' Non-Senate, including student titles
	'3' Non-Senate, including student titles
	'4' Non-Senate, including student titles
	'5' Non-Senate, including student titles
	'6' Non-Senate, including student titles
	'7' Non-Senate, including student titles
	'8' Non-Senate, including student titles
	'9' Non-Senate, including student titles
Position Z (Third position):  Career Status
	'0' Tenure, SOE or Continuity of Employment
	'1' Non Tenure, regular ranks
	'2' Recalled
	'3' Visiting
	'4' Acting
	'5' Adjunct
	'6' Other
	'7' Other
	'8' Other
	'9' Other