PPS EDB Data Element Definition

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System Number: EDB0292

User Access Name: 0292-1

Programming Name: HLTH_PLAN IN PPPBEN

Revision Date: 08/01/04


Location(s):   HBN 4532  - Medical Plan Code-HBN in HDB
               APS 0953  - Primary Health Plan Code
               BCS 0953  - Primary Health Plan Code
               CPS 0953  - Primary Health Plan Code
               IPS 0953  - Primary Health Plan Code
               OPP 0953  - Primary Health Plan Code



Length: 2



General Description

Code indicating the medical insurance plan in which the individual is enrolled.

Code Interpretation

BC    - Blue Cross Plus
BH    - High Option (Blue Cross)
BP    - Blue Cross PPO
CM    - Core Major Medical (Blue Cross)
DH    - Definity Health (UCSF and UCSB only)
FP    - PacifiCare
HN    - Health Net
KN    - Kaiser North
KS    - Kaiser South
KU    - Kaiser Umbrella  
KW    - Kaiser MidAtlantic
PN    - PacifiCare Nevada
P1    - PSBP Medical HMO
P2    - PSBP Medical PPO
SE    - UnitedHealthcare Select EPO
WH    - Western Health Advantage
DM    - Medical plan not yet selected by the employee
XX    - Opted out of medical           
XC    - Cancelled medical              
XD    - Deenrolled due to suspension of

EDB 0292 -- MEDICAL INSURANCE PLAN CODE Previously Valid Codes

FN    - Foundation
HA    - Heals
HG    - FHP Health Care
NA    - PruNet          
NH    - Blue Premier HMO New Mexico
PH    - Prudential High Option
UC    - UC Care