Release Documents

Num Date  Release Title Year
R234011/15/18State Controller Reporting changes to Exclude Unfunded Liability 2018
R234811/07/18Create New Earn/DOS Code: FBR 2018
R233711/05/182019 OE Employee Benefit Plans PPS updates 2018
R233511/02/18Gender Identity Compliance in PPS 2018
R234210/29/182018 H&W Rates for NX 2018
R234110/25/18AFT Disclosure Updates2018
R233810/16/18BX Ratification Lump Sum Payment2018
R233607/28/182018 HX Revised Dues Cap Update2018
R233307/23/18System-Wide Response Team DOS/EARN Code2018
R233107/16/182017 CX Ratification Lump Sum Payment Report2018
R233207/10/182018 CNA "NX" Dues Cap Update2018
R232607/06/18Fiscal Year 2018-19 CTL Table Updates2018
R232407/03/18Allow Core Enrollment to Persist for Compatible BELI Changes2018
R232806/18/18SX Contract Implementation 7/1/20182018
R232905/23/18PPP0433 Report Modifications2018
R230005/17/18Technical Release Q2 20182018
R232705/14/182018 HX Dues Cap Update2018
R232505/11/18Fringe Benefit EARN/DOS Code2018
R233005/08/18Reinstate HSA Contribution Limit Family Coverage 2018 in PPS2018
R232104/27/18IX 2018 Lump Sum Payment2018
R230804/27/18PPI730 Transactions by Retirement Code2018
R232304/19/18Payroll Assessment - STIP Note and External Financing- Phase II2018
R231804/06/18Savings Choice Vesting Start Date Logic in PPS2018
R232004/05/18Reduce HSA Contribution Limit for Family Coverage 20182018
R232203/27/18DX Dues Retention2018
R231703/21/18Payroll Assessment - STIP Note and External Financing2018
R231403/13/18Fix for HSA deductions issue2018
R231503/02/18EDD New Hire Modify PPP890 Error Reporting2018
R231602/08/182017 ACA Changes Addendum2018
R231302/06/18CNA 2018 Agency/Conscientious Objector Fee Update2018
R231101/17/182018 Federal Tax Table Updates2018
R231201/09/18FUPOA 2018 Dues Updates2018
R229801/05/182018 AFSCME Cap Increase2018
R231012/15/17Update California Tax Tables for Tax Year 20182017
R230612/14/17Payroll Rates-OE 2018 Arrears Transactions2017
R230712/12/172018 Table Updates for FSA/HSA, OASDI, 403(b) and 457(b) plans, Parking and Trans2017
R229312/05/17California Minimum Wage January 1, 20182017
R230411/29/17DART-Disable PPS on-line update for a Campus Instance2017
R230511/22/17Open Enrollment 2018: Payroll Rate Advance Transactions2017
R228811/20/172017 W-2 Changes2017
R230211/07/172017 ACA 1095-C Plan Code Changes2017
R229709/19/17Technical Release Q3 20172017
R228409/05/17Generic Lump Sum2017
R229209/01/17PPP778 report error correction2017
R229608/11/172017 BX/PX Fair Share & CO Update2017
R229108/04/17DOL Agreement Payment2017
R229508/03/17Remove Obs Med Plan Codes CM SU and SP2017
R228707/18/17Changes to Leave Accrual Code Logic in PPP712 CPS Appointment Interface2017
R228607/14/17Overtime DOS Code Update2017
R229007/13/17CNA NX Dues/Fees Cap Rate Update 20172017
R228906/30/17Settlement Pay DOS Code2017
R228306/29/17Fiscal Year 2017-18 CTL Table Updates2017
R227806/29/172017 Covered Compensation Limit Changes2017
R228206/15/17AFT Dues Movement2017
R227706/14/17Technical Release Q2 20172017
R228506/13/17ERIT Update 20172017
R228005/25/17SCO File Update2017
R227905/18/17CX Lump Sum Payment2017
R227604/27/17IX 2017 Lump Sum Payment2017
R227304/17/17CNB DOS Code2017
R227504/13/17Struts 2 Upgrade to Address Security Vulnerability2017
R227404/12/17VOE Yearend Dates2017
R226003/21/17Web Merit ERIT Update2017
R227203/08/17CNA 2017 Agency/Fair Share/Conscientious Objector Fee Update2017
R226103/02/17VOE Opt Out2017
R227102/24/17Core Medical Name Update2017
R226902/22/17Display of YTD Gross2017
R227002/10/17AFT - IX & LX Units ? Dues, Fees & CO Cap Increase2017
R226302/09/17Inactivate RBA DOS Code2017
R226702/08/17NEX Post Doctoral Scholar Title Code2017
R226501/27/17Technical Release Q1 20172017
R226201/26/17FLSA Derivation Update2017
R226401/19/172017 UPTE Dues and Fees Cap Increase2017
R226801/18/17LX Lump Sum Payment2017
R225901/12/172017 AFSCME Cap Increase2017
R225801/04/17New NEX and Postdoc Title Codes2017
R226612/22/16GTN Attribute Update2016
R224712/14/162016 W-2 Changes2016
R225212/13/162017 Tax Table Updates for OASDI, Federal and State Taxes2016
R224112/13/16EDD New Hire Reporting Data File Corrections2016
R225412/08/16Pension Tier 2016 Phase II2016
R225112/07/16Open Enrollment 2017: Payroll Rate Arrears Transactions2016
R224612/05/16ACA Reporting 2016 - Phase 22016
R225512/02/16OPT1 Union Deduction Error2016
R223912/01/16California Minimum Wage January 1, 20172016
R223412/01/16Disability Plans for 20172016
R225011/28/16Open Enrollment 2017: Payroll Rate Advance Transactions2016
R223711/16/162017 OE Medical Plans2016
R225711/15/16Tier 2016 Eligibility Dates2016
R225611/14/16FUPOA 2016 Dues Updates 2016
R225311/09/16Academic Non-Exempt Titles and BW Factor Leave Accrual2016
R223510/25/16ACA Shared Responsibility 20162016
R224810/18/16Tier 2016 Phase 2 Summer Salary2016
R223810/13/16ACA Phase 1 Modifications2016
R224309/23/16Coaches Incentive Award (CIA) DOS Code2016
R224509/15/16DOS Code for Retention Pay2016
R224409/13/16Inactivate VLT DOS Code2016
R224209/08/16Pension Tier 2016 Modifications2016
R224008/15/162016 Tier Corrections2016
R223608/11/162016 BX/PX Fair Share/CO and CNA NX Dues Fees Cap Rate Updates2016
R223108/03/16VOE Modifications2016
R223306/30/16Modify DOS Code HZS2016
R223206/30/16Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Benefits Rate Adjustments2016
R223006/14/16Pension Tier 20162016
R222905/05/16IX Ratification Lump Sum Payment2016
R222803/28/16Technical Release Q1 20162016
R222703/10/16Changes to PPP711 CPS Dependent Interface2016
R222402/11/16Student Employees VOE Opt Out Default2016
R222502/10/16CNA 2016 Agency/Fair Share/Conscientious Obj. Fee Update2016
R222602/01/16Modify UCIID100 to prevent deletion of rows from UC0IDB2016
R219601/21/16Remove Auto-Enroll to Medical, Dental & Vision2016
R222301/20/16SLIS - Eliminate Duplicate SLIBAL and SLIDEDY Records2016
R221901/15/16Correct employees missed by ACA standard measurement2016
R222101/12/16Benefits Rate Table update2016
R222001/04/16FT Transaction Modifications2016
R222212/22/152016 Qualified Transportation Benefits Rate Change2015
R221812/18/15Expense Distribution Pay Category Modification2015
R220812/16/15Post-Doc Arrears Rates Effective January 2016: Workers Comp, Life/AD&D2015
R221112/14/15Update Tax Treaty Income Code and Tax Treaty Income Code-Alternate2015
R220712/10/15Tax Year Update Transactions2015
R221712/08/15DOS Code Alignment Project2015
R221212/08/15Separation Dates for UnifyHR 1095-B2015
R219312/07/15ACA Reporting Phase II2015
R218811/30/15California Minimum Wage 20162015
R221611/25/15Award DOS Project2015
R220411/24/15Employer Shared Responsibility under the ACA for 2015 Implementation Phase 22015
R220511/23/15Open Enrollment 2016: Payroll Rate Advance Transactions2015
R220911/20/152015 W-2 Form Change2015
R220211/17/15PPS Extract For Verification of Employment2015
R218711/02/15Employer Shared Responsibility under the ACA for 2015 Implementation Phase 12015
R221510/29/15Add DOS code DMG2015
R221010/21/15UPTE GTN 476 Update2015
R220309/17/15Fix Check Numbers in PPP4202015
R220109/11/15Phase III DX - PAP contributions2015
R219908/31/15Include Post Doc Paid Direct in Standard Deduction Report2015
R220008/26/15Benefits Rates for DX 10/01/20152015
R219808/11/15BX & PX Fair Share and CO Update2015
R217308/10/15DX Bargaining Unit Phase II2015
R219707/31/15ACA Campus Monthly Monitoring Report Fix2015
R219507/15/15Changes to PPP713 CPS Distribution Interface2015
R219407/14/15CNA NX Dues/Fees Cap Rate Update2015
R219007/09/15Technical Release Q2.3 20152015
R219107/06/15Negotiated Salary Trial Program Pay Codes2015
R219207/02/15Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Benefits Rate Adjustments2015
R218606/11/15Technical Release Q2.2 20152015
R218906/08/15Remove Obsolete Medical Plan Codes2015
R218404/28/15Include Wellness Costs in W-2 Box 12 DD Total for Employees with Kaiser Insurance2015
R218304/23/15Technical Release Q2.1 20152015
R218504/15/15Correction to 2014 Covered Compensation Limit2015
R218003/26/15Technical Release Q1.3 20152015
R218203/23/15End Benefits Separation Month UPTE HX2015
R217103/10/15Expense Distribution Related Errors2015
R217602/25/15Technical Release Q1.2 20152015
R217802/09/15CNA Agency/Fair Share/Conscientious Objector Fee Update2015
R217901/30/152015 403(b)/457(b) Plan Additional Catch-Up Limit Changes2015
R216401/23/15Affordable Care Act Benefits Eligibility Changes 2014(Phase2)2015
R216601/22/15Technical Release Q1 2015 (JAN)2015
R217501/15/152015 AFSCME Dues/Fees Cap Increase2015
R217201/13/15UPTE Dues and Fee Cap Increase for HX, RX and TX2015
R217712/16/142015 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rate Changes2014
R217412/15/14Federal and State tax table updates for 20152014
R216712/11/14Open Enrollment 2015: Supp Dis Rate and Arrears Trans Post Doc WC Rate Update2014
R216812/08/14Table updates for OASDI, 403B and 457B2014
R216212/03/14IRS Employer Reporting Requirements under the Affordable Care Act, Phase I2014
R216511/26/14CX Lump Sum Payment $172014
R215911/21/142014 W-2 Changes2014
R216911/20/14Open Enrollment 2015: Payroll Rate Advance Transactions2014
R217011/19/14UPTE HX, RX & TX Address Change2014
R214511/17/14ABBR Fixes2014
R215011/14/14DX Bargaining Unit - Phase 12014
R216311/13/14BX and PX Dues Updates2014
R215411/07/14Open Enrollment 2015 PPS Changes2014
R216010/22/14Technical Release Q4 20142014
R215110/21/14Affordable Care Act Phase 1 Employer Shared Responsibility2014
R213910/20/14Carrier File Update2014
R215510/16/14DOS Code for By Agreement Hours on EDB2014
R215710/15/14HSA Contributions and CA Taxable Gross2014
R214610/02/14Add CFRA Leave Code to PPS2014
R215809/29/14Modifications to EDB Entry Update Employee Personal Data 1 (EPD1) screen - Phase 22014
R214409/19/14Correction to PPP6004 Report for State Wage and Withholding Reporting2014
R216109/18/14FUPOA Address Change2014
R213209/10/14New Academic Title Pay Period Code2014
R215209/05/14Mask Bank Account Information on CICS and Web EDB Inquiry Screens2014
R215608/19/14Increase Fair Share Fee and Conscientious Objectors payroll deduction for covered BX and PX units2014
R215307/31/14Revised UCRP Supplemental Assessment Rate2014
R214307/24/14Enhancements to PPP6005 Report2014
R214207/22/14Technical Release Q3 20142014
R213307/21/14UCRP Rates Update 08/01/14 for EX and SX 2014
R213807/18/14AFSCME EX Lump Sum2014
R214807/17/14FUPOA Dues Updates2014
R214907/16/142014-2015 CalPERS 1959 Survivor Rate Adjustment2014
R213507/08/14Add Visa Type Code U-1 to PPS2014
R214707/07/14CNA NX Dues/Fees Cap Rate Update2014
R212806/30/14UCRP Rates Update July 1, 20142014
R212906/27/14Modification to EDB Entry Update Employee Personal Data 1 (EPD1) screen Phase 12014
R214106/26/14UCRP Supplemental Assessment Rate FY 2014-152014
R213006/25/14CX Dues/Fees Rate Increase2014
R213606/24/14FY2014-2015 OPEB Rate Adjustment2014
R213406/23/142014 Covered Compensation Limit Changes2014
R213706/20/14CalPERS 2014-2015 Rate Adjustment2014
R212506/19/14California Minimum Wage2014
R214006/18/14Change CX GTN & BU Descriptions2014
R212406/17/142014 Remove PostDoc 3254 from Deduction Register2014
R213106/06/14Extend ERIT to June 30 20172014
R212705/21/14Core Medical Consolidated Billing Fix2014
R212005/20/14DOS Code for By Agreement Hours2014
R212305/06/14SX Lump Sum $2002014
R212205/01/142014 H&W Rates for EX and SX2014
R212104/09/14Health Saving Account Fix2014
R211904/07/14Visa Type Code DA for DACA2014
R211204/02/14RX TX Lump Sum Payment $1002014
R211304/01/14UPTE RX TX 4% Lump Sum2014
R211804/01/14CX Lump Sum Payment $132014
R211603/12/14Correction to PPP6004 Report for State Wage and Withholding Reporting2014
R211103/07/14IX Lump Sum Payment2014
R211703/06/14State Controller Compensation Reporting2014
R210902/10/14Suspend PPS Derivation of Update of CCL Flag2014
R211502/10/14UCRP rates for UPTE (Bargaining Units HX, RX, and TX)2014
R211402/07/142014 CNA Agency Fee Rate Update 2014
R210502/03/14Vacation Leave Accrual for 2013 Tier employees2014
R211001/31/14PPS Changes to Modify Coding in PPP4942014
R210801/24/14Correct SQL Coding in USER062014
R210601/17/142013 Form 1042-S Changes2014
R210301/14/14Annual Base Benefits Rate in PPS - Phase 32014
R210201/13/14UCRP Rates for NX 02/01/14 2014
R210701/06/14UPTE BRT Update for Bargaining Units RX, TX, and HX2014
R210401/02/142014 AFSCME Dues/Fees Cap Increase2014
R210012/17/13Annual Base Benefits Rate in PPS - Phase 2B2013
R210112/10/13Tax Updates for Federal Tax Table2013
R209812/09/13Tax Updates for State Tax Table, OASDI Max Gross and Transit Updates2013
R209412/09/13Streamline Health Costs and 2013 W-2 Changes2013
R209312/06/132014 Supplemental Disability Rates And Post Doc STD & WC Rate Updates2013
R209912/06/13Medical Plans 2014 Phase II2013
R209612/03/13Annual Base Benefits Rate in PPS - Phase 2A2013
R209711/27/13Open Enrollment 2014 Payroll Rate Transactions2013
R208911/26/13Health Savings Account2013
R208711/25/13Annual Base Benefits Rate in PPS - Phase 12013
R209111/21/13Medical Plans 2014 Phase I2013
R209511/08/13Add new field to SLIAPP file from PPP7152013
R209210/10/132013 UCRP 1976 Tier Rates for SX2013
R209010/08/13Decouple FSS, DCP, and UCRP Compensation Limits2013
R208810/01/13Correctly Display SMG and MSP Grades on TCT Report2013
R208608/22/13CalPERS 2013-2014 Updated Rate Adjustment2013
R208508/13/13Benefits Rates Table Updates for IX, LX, PX, BX and FUPOA for 20132013
R208308/05/13Remove Edit in PPS that Prevents Same Sex Spouses from Being Coded 2013
R208408/02/132013 H&W Rates for EX2013
R208207/11/13Add 6 H&W fields to PPP7112013
R208107/10/13Career Tracks and MSP Grade Levels Table Update2013
R208007/08/13CalPERS 2013-2014 Rate Adjustment and 1959 Survivor Rate Adjustment2013
R207907/03/13UCRS Supplemental Assessment Rate FY 2013-142013
R207806/25/13TCS Error: PPS Change for Academic Title Codes2013
R207706/20/13CNA Dues/Fees Cap Rate Update2013
R207606/14/13Fiscal Year 2013 Covered Compensation Limit Changes2013
R207406/13/13OPEB Fiscal Year 2013/14 Rate Adjustment2013
R207206/07/13Technical Release for the 2nd Quarter of 20132013
R207306/06/13AFT IX&LX Units Dues Cap Increase2013
R207506/04/13Implement Post Employment Benefits New Tier Effective 7/1/20132013
R206905/09/13Separation Reason IT in Benefits Termination2013
R206704/30/13Allow Citizenship Code R for Student Employees from India2013
R207104/26/13CUE - IBT Dues/Fees Rate Increase2013
R207004/23/132013 Covered Compensation Limit Correction2013
R206804/17/13PPS Changes So PSS Title Range Can Be Used For MSP2013
R206603/26/13End Benefits Separation Month Postdoctoral Scholars2013
R206403/21/13Technical Release for the 1st Quarter of 20132013
R206503/20/13End FSA on Last Day of Separation Month2013
R206303/04/13Amend 2013 NRA Additional Tax Amount per IRS Pub.15 Revised February 20132013
R206203/01/13NRA PostDoc Scholar H&W Benefits Exclusion From Imputed Income Process2013
R206102/25/13Amend 2013 NRA Additional Tax Amount per IRS Pub. 152013
R206002/12/13Send VSP Enrollment Flag to Medical Plans2013
R205901/31/13UPTE 2013 Dues and Fees Cap Increases for RX & TX2013
R205801/31/132013 Qualified Transportation Benefits and Parking Rate Changes2013
R205701/16/132012 Form 1042-S Changes2013
R205601/15/13AFSCME Cap Increase2013
R205501/14/13Federal Tax Updates for 20132013
R205412/20/12Postdoc Premium Collection: Employee not on EDB2012
R205312/19/122012 W2 Changes and Foreign Country Code Updates2012
R205212/18/12Pay Cycle - One-time EDB Pay Schedule Conversion2012
R205112/12/12Tax Updates for State Tax Rates and Other Tax Updates-20132012
R205012/11/12Arrears Updates for Supplemental Disability Base and PostDoc Workers Comp Rate2012
R204911/30/12Open Enrollment and 2013 Benefits Changes2012
R204811/05/122013 Employee Medicare Tax Rate Increase for Wages in Excess of $200,000.002012
R204710/24/12Open Enrollment and 2013 Benefits Changes2012
R204610/04/12BiWeekly Conversion Vacation Payout DOS Code2012
R204509/26/12ITP Modification2012
R204409/14/12Inclusion of Employer-Paid StayWell Program and EAP on the Employee W-2 for 2012 2012
R204308/14/12Increase the Fair Share Fee and Conscientious Objectors payroll deduction amount for the covered BX and PX units2012
R204208/01/12Revised CalPERS 2012/2013 Rate Adjustment and UCRP Supplemental Assessment Rate FY 2012/132012
R204107/16/122012 CNA Dues Cap Rate Update2012
R204007/11/12Additional Elements in the CPS and BCS Interface Files2012
R203907/09/12OPEB FY 12/13 Rate Adjustment2012
R203806/29/12Extend ERIT to June 30, 20142012
R203706/26/12Overtime Double at Half and Hours Toward Benefits Eligibility2012
R203606/21/12Remove Zero Gross Transfer Edit2012
R203506/19/12CalPERS 2012-2013 Rate Adjustment and Covered Compensation Limit for 20122012
R203406/12/12UCRP Rates Update July 1, 20122012
R203306/12/12End Benefits Last Day of Separation Month2012
R203204/24/12RX / TX Lump Sum Payment2012
R203104/20/12Dues and Fees Rate and Cap changes for CX, IX and LX2012
R203004/05/12ScholarShare Transition from FIDELITY to TIAA- CREF2012
R202903/14/12CUE CX Lump Sum and Recoupment2012
R202803/05/12CUE and CNA Political Action Committee Contributions and GTN Description Change2012
R202702/23/12WebSphere 7.0 Upgrade2012
R202602/17/122012 403B & 457B MAC Catch-up Limit Update2012
R202502/23/12NACHA Fidelity Payroll Adjustments Phase I2012
R202402/17/12Postdoctoral Scholars Uncollected Premiums2012
R202302/13/12ScholarShare Reconciliation Report2012
R202202/10/12Lump Sum/UCRP Recoupment for SX2012
R202102/10/12Lump Sum/UCRP Recoupment for EX2012
R202002/02/12ER2427 MCB Recalculated Inappropriately2012
R201901/31/12UCRP and HN Rate Increase for RX TX2012
R201801/27/122012 W-4/DE 4 Template2012
R201701/24/12Incentive Payment DOS codes for Phased Retirement Program2012
R201601/11/12BRT Updates for UPTE and AFSCME Cap Amounts2012
R201501/05/122012 H&W Rates for HX2012
R201401/04/12Extract for SX, EX Lump Sum and UCRP Recoupment Eligibility2012
R201312/23/112012 OASDI Rate Change2011
R201212/22/11Old Year OASDI Rates2011
R201112/21/11UCRP Rate Increase for CUE CX2011
R201012/21/11Reinstatement of UCRP Contributions for CUE CX2011
R200912/16/112011 Form 1042-S Changes2011
R200812/15/11Arrears Year-End Transactions2011
R200712/14/11BRT Update for CUE CX2011
R200612/14/11Time Reduction DOS codes for Phased Retirement Program2011
R200512/12/112012 Year End Table Updates2011
R200412/09/11W-2 for 2011 Tax Year2011
R200312/05/11Recoupment of Delayed UCRP rate increase for AFSCME SX2011
R200212/01/11Advance Year-End Transactions 2011
R200111/15/11S0C7 ABEND fix for PPI7352011
R200011/07/11Temporarily Discontinue ScholarShare Deductions2011
R199910/31/11Capture Employer Provided Health Insurance Cost W-2 Reporting; CNA GTN Description Change2011
R199810/21/11Remove CA Imputed Income for T & N dependents2011
R199710/21/11UCRP Rate Increase for AFSCME (SX and EX)2011
R199610/13/11UCRS Dummy SSN Assignment2011
R199510/03/11Benefits Rates Table Updates for AFSCME (EX and SX)2011
R199409/30/11Annual HFSA Imputed Income Processing2011
R199309/20/11Q3-Q4 2011 Technical Release2011
R199209/07/11UCRP Employer Covered Compensation Limit2011
R199108/24/11UCRP Deduction for Prior Period Earnings2011
R199008/16/11Web EDB Update Phase III2011
R198908/09/11Benefits Rates table and Description of Service table updates2011
R198808/08/11ERR 2415 - Self-Billing Discrepancy (PPP536)2011
R198708/04/11ERR 2392 - PO169 edit in TRS2011
R198607/29/11Pay Transactions Web Service2011
R198507/28/11Fix Email PAN Truncation2011
R198407/25/11UCRP Supplemental Assessment Rate2011
R198306/30/11Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time2011
R198206/24/11System Parameters and Benefits Rates table updates effective July 12011
R198106/02/11Benefits Rates Table Updates for CNA (NX)2011
R198005/31/11CTL update - PERS Employer Contribution Rates2011
R197906/01/11UPTE HX Lump Sum Payment2011
R197805/18/11Zero out the Advance Earn Income Credit (EIC)2011
R197705/05/11UPTE RX / TX - Equity Lump Sum Payment2011
R197604/20/11Web EDB Update Release 2.0 Build B0022011
R197504/19/11Technical Release 1st Quarter 20112011
R197404/22/11Webmerit View-Only Access2011
R197303/30/11PPP711- Dependent File has no Legal Insurance Coverage Dates2011
R197203/16/11Fixes for PPP742 Error Reports2011
R197102/25/11BX BRT Update 20112011
R197002/14/11Form 1042-S Requirements for 2010 Tax Year2011
R196902/11/11BX Lump Sum Payment2011
R196802/10/11Recoupment of delayed UCRP Contributions for UPTE HX Unit2011
R196701/28/11OPT1 SSN removal, Visa and Citizenship changes, HSCP cleanup2011
R196601/21/11PX Dues - Phase III2011
R196501/13/11PX Dues - Phase II2011
R196401/06/11BRT Updates for UPTE and AFSCME Cap Amounts2011
R196301/04/112011 Federal Tax Table Updates2011
R196212/21/10OASDI Employee Rate Change2010
R196112/10/10Modify the W-2 process for SSA and IRS 2010 W-2; and 2011 W4/DE4 Template2010
R196012/10/10Arrears Year-End Transactions2010
R195912/10/10Tax Year Update Transactions2010
R195812/09/10PX GTN Modifications2010
R195712/07/10Technical Release 3rd-4th Quarter 20102010
R195612/03/10Hire Act Data Capture for W2 display2010
R195512/02/102010 Advance Year-End Transactions2010
R195412/02/10FSA Deductions and Interface File - Phase 22010
R195311/24/10Web EDB Changes2010
R195211/18/10Medical Resident Medicare Refund Claim2010
R195111/16/10FF Modification from Systemwide to Locals2010
R195011/15/10Open Enrollment 2011 Plan Year Modifications2010
R194911/10/10PX Dues - Phase I2010
R194811/09/10SMG Deans-Executive Life Override2010
R194711/04/10Safe Harbor, Imputed Income Modifications2010
R194611/04/10Benefits Rates Table Updates for UPTE(HX)2010
R194511/03/10Clearing Unused Furlough Balances2010
R194411/02/10Variable Compensation DOS Codes2010
R194310/12/10FSA Deductions and Interface File - Phase 12010
R194210/08/10HCRA Imputed Income Taxation in 20102010
R194109/21/10ER2236: 24x7 logon design does not support the use of passtickets2010
R194009/17/10Source of Transfer Edit on 120 Day Funds2010
R193909/16/10OASDI - Employer Share Exemption - Quarterly Distribution File2010
R193809/10/10PX 2010 ATB2010
R193709/08/10Reinstatement of UCRP Contributions for Eligible Postdoctotal Scholars2010
R193608/25/10Retro Rate Adjustment Fixes2010
R193507/30/10UAW Agency Fee Rate Change 20102010
R193407/20/10Technical Release 2nd Quarter 20102010
R193307/19/10CNA Dues Cap Rates2010
R193207/14/10TRM/PTT Taxation2010
R193007/06/10PERS Employer Contribution and CalPERS 1959 Survivor Rate Transactions2010
R192906/25/10OASDI Employer Share Exemption-Federal HIRE ACT 20102010
R192806/23/10Fiscal Year-End Changes - New UPTE Charitable Deduction, OPEB Rate Changes, Academic Personnel DOS Codes2010
R192706/22/10UPTE Lump Sum Settlement Payment2010
R192605/26/10UCRP Contribution Rates and Expense Distribution2010
R192505/20/10Add assigned BELI to CONEXIS FSA file2010
R192405/19/10Salary Cap Edit on Expense Transfers2010
R192305/14/10Web New Hire2010
R192205/06/10UCRP Restart and Expense Transfers2010
R192104/30/10ER2252 24X7 WEB LOGON; ER2268 Web App control data dialy refresh2010
R192004/26/10Apply Benefits Rates Table Updates for UPTE2010
R191904/20/10UCRP Contributions Reinstatement - Phase II2010
R191804/15/10Technical Release 1st Quarter 2010 and Inactivate Academic Personnel DOS Codes2010
R191704/01/10Web EDB Inquiry Abend Fix2010
R191603/31/10Health Sciences Data - Phase I and NSF RCR Codes Changes2010
R191503/30/10Federal Tax Table for Non-Resident Aliens2010
R191403/24/10UCRP Contributions Reinstatement - Phase I2010
R191303/23/10Correction of W2 Print Data2010
R191203/22/10Modify the Derived Percent Calculation in PPS2010
R191103/05/10AFSCME Cap Changes 20102010
R191002/22/102009 1042-S Changes2010
R190902/17/10BRT changes to CNA Agency Fees and Charities2010
R190802/10/10Modify START Program End Date and Participation Percent2010
R190702/09/10Add Deduction Maximum to DepCare GTN2010
R190601/28/10Include Employees with C and U Representation Codes on PX Unit Files2010
R190501/26/10Add SLCG Data to PAN2010
R190401/25/10Apply Benefits Rates Table Updates for CNA 2010
R190301/22/10Web service security reconfiguration2010
R190201/20/102010 Federal Contracts and Grants Salary Cap 2010
R190101/19/10New Code Off/Above Scale Indicator2010
R190001/15/10CUE Temporary Layoff Agreement2010
R189901/12/10PAN Error Report Fixes 2010
R189801/06/10Correct DOS History Update - 2 Error Reports2010
R189712/22/09Correct Web EDB Inquiry Vulnerability2009
R189612/17/092009 W2 Changes2009
R189512/14/092010 W4/DE4 Template2009
R189412/09/09Correct SQL injection vulnerabilities in Web Merit2009
R189312/08/09Tax Year Update Transactions2009
R189212/07/09Fiscal Year 2009-2010 Salary Reductions Phase III2009
R189112/03/09Arrears Year-End Transactions2009
R189011/17/09Advance Year-End Transactions2009
R188911/12/09DOS Code Table Inactivate Table Entries2009
R188811/03/09Remove Access to COBRA IDOC and SHPS Clean Up2009
R188710/30/09State Tax Table - Six Digit Percent of Excess2009
R188610/28/09AP DOS Code Updates2009
R188510/27/09CONEXIS Division Field/Rehire MCB2009
R188410/22/09E-Verify Tracking2009
R188310/08/09Fiscal Year 2009-2010 Salary Reductions - LX2009
R188210/02/09HCRA Imputed Income Taxation in 20092009
R188109/21/09Web EDB Inquiry Error Fixes2009
R188009/18/09Add CTO to ERS Interface2009
R187909/15/09PPP6271 Standard Paper Report2009
R187809/14/09FEP DOS Code2009
R187709/03/09Fiscal Year 2009-2010 Salary Reductions Phase II2009
R187608/28/09Fiscal Year 2009-2010 Salary Reductions Phase I2009
R187508/21/09UAW Agency Fee Rate Change 20092009
R187408/19/09Add 409A Income and Deferrals and Unsubstantiated HCRA Claims to EDB2009
R187307/21/09Web EDB Inquiry Java Rewrite2009
R187207/16/09Executive Salary Reduction - Phase 22009
R187107/14/09Fix Duplicate Alternate Key in TOE2009
R187007/13/09Executive Salary Reduction - Phase 12009
R186907/02/09Add Leave DOS codes to CPS Distribution File and Modify BCS Deduction File2009
R186807/01/09Fix adjustment effective date in PPP9102009
R186706/30/092009 CNA Dues and Agency Fee/Charity Rates2009
R186606/25/09At Your Service Online Direct Deposit, PPS2009
R186506/16/09ERS Error Reports 2204 and 22082009
R186406/11/09State Tax Table - Four-digit Percent of Excess2009
R186306/04/09Add Medical Plan to VSP Carrier File2009
R186205/26/09Time Reporting Service2009
R186105/20/09PPP716 Divide by Zero Fix2009
R186005/01/09PPS Changes to support new PX unit for employees for Postdoctoral Scholar titles2009
R185904/23/09Employee Voluntary Separation Program DOS Code2009
R185804/15/09Add Plan Coverage End Date to PPS IVR Interface File2009
R185704/14/09Rush Checks Exemptions Fix2009
R185603/18/09Prorate Derived Percent for Biweekly Employees on ERS Interface File2009
R185502/27/092008 1042-S Changes2009
R185402/26/09EDEM Screen Add Employee Name2009
R185302/10/09PCT Lump Sum 20082009
R185201/21/09Consolidated Billing Automation - Phase I2009
R185101/13/09Fix to the Monthly Union File and Report2009
R185001/12/092008 Web Merit Enhancements - Phase II2009
R184901/09/092009 W-4/DE4 Template2009
R184801/05/09120-Day TOE and SSN Removal from Screens2009
R184712/22/08Expand MCB Pro-ration Calculation 2008
R184612/18/082008 W-2 Reporting 2008
R184512/16/08Create Semi-monthly files from Payroll for CONEXIS (FSA Vendor) 2008
R184411/19/082009 Open Enrollment Changes Phase II and BX DepCare2008
R184311/10/082009 Open Enrollment Changes Phase I2008
R184211/07/08WHO Screen Perfomance Improvement 2008
R184110/28/08Fixes to the value and range edit program used in Batch EDB Maintenance Process 2008
R184010/14/08California Driver's License Display2008
R183910/10/08Add New Value to Special Training Code Field - EDB 03852008
R183809/23/082008 Obsolete Medical Plan Codes - Payroll2008
R183709/19/08Web Merit Security Fix2008
R183609/16/08Make Interim Carrier Report Programs Obsolete2008
R183509/15/08Cal Casualty Electronic File2008
R183409/05/08Security vulnerability in the EDB inquiry application2008
R183308/25/08Web Merit Roster Title Code Pop-up Effective Date2008
R183208/21/08security vulnerability in the EDB inquiry application2008
R183107/28/08Modification to OPTRS - IDTC Function2008
R183007/24/082008 Web Merit Roster Enhancements2008
R182907/22/08Security vulnerability in the EDB inquiry application2008
R182807/11/08Add AFSCME to Dues Movement Process2008
R182707/09/08COBRA IDOC StayWell2008
R182606/30/08Union File Reporting Mods2008
R182506/26/08Transfer Benefits With Zero Gross2008
R182406/20/082008 Web Merit Enhancements - Phase I2008
R182306/17/08Health Science Severance Pay Plan2008
R182206/16/08Remove SSN from Monthly Union Deduction Reporting2008
R182105/30/08START Program - 20082008
R182005/20/08OPEB - Month 132008
R181905/16/08COBRA IDOC Text Changes2008
R181805/05/08Corrections to PPP2402008
R181704/30/08EDB Maintenance Appt/Dist Derivations2008
R181604/24/08Final Pay - Pay Disposition Override2008
R181504/23/08Correction to PPWEPD12008
R181404/10/08Web PAN - Add display of missing Sections2008
R181304/09/08Modifications to PPI7303 and ppi73052008
R181204/08/08Life Insurance Maximums - Messages2008
R181103/26/08Additional DOS Codes using SRDP Funding2008
R181003/20/08Make PAF-Related Objects Obsolete2008
R180903/13/08Enhancement to Merit Reports - Phase II2008
R180803/12/08Change MCB Calculation for IX Lecturers Paid 9/9 or 9/102008
R180703/05/08Web PAN Multiple Error Fixes2008
R180602/13/08W-4/DE4 Template2008
R180502/01/08Fix ABEND and treat zero control percent cycle as postive adjustment2008
R180401/31/08Be Smart About Safety (BSAS)2008
R180301/29/082007 1042-S Changes2008
R180201/25/08Fixes to Control Table Related Modules2008
R180101/24/08Make unused objects obsolete2008
R180001/23/08Armed Forces Service Medal Veteran Code2008
R179901/03/08Obsolete CPS 403(b) File2008
R179812/19/07Prevent Cross-site Scripting in Web Applications2007
R179712/11/07Social Security Number Verification (SSNV) File Creation to SSA2007
R179612/10/072007 W-2 Reporting2007
R179512/03/07Correct the Report ID Displayed in the PPP446 Error and Warning Messages Report2007
R179411/29/07S0C7 ABEND fix in PPI7352007
R179311/27/07COHRs with Over 99 Earnings2007
R179211/14/07Prevent Cross-site Scripting in Web Applications2007
R179111/02/072008 OE Changes (Phase I) & Name Change for the Health/Dental Plans2007
R179010/29/07Add Derived Percent Time to CPS2007
R178910/05/07Split reports out of Web Merit transaction generation program PPP6762007
R178809/26/07Web Merit Fix - get current stepped rates2007
R178709/21/07SX Represented Employee 10/01/2007 Across-the-Board Increase2007
R178609/19/07Fixes to the On-line Help2007
R178509/14/07Remove Shift from MCB Calculation2007
R178409/13/07SX Custodian October 2007 Wage Increase2007
R178309/04/07Fix mixed-case dependent name data2007
R178208/29/07Change Fatal Error When Department Not On PPPHME Table2007
R178108/24/07IDOC - Sabbatical Credit Accrual Error Fix2007
R178008/22/07Duplicate Insurance Coverage and Executive Life Imputed Income Reports2007
R177908/13/07SX Represented Custodian Employee 04/01/2007 Wage Increase2007
R177808/10/07SX Represented Special Low Wage Increase for Non-Custodian Employees2007
R177707/24/07Web Merit Enhancements 2007 - Phase II2007
R177607/24/07PAR/ERS Earnings Data Over 100%2007
R177507/23/07EX Low Wage Worker Special Incease2007
R177407/19/07Add Foreign Address Fields to CPS Interface2007
R177307/13/07Remove US Savings Bonds2007
R177207/06/07Make Medical and Dental Provider Data Elements Obsolete2007
R177106/29/07Add home Department Location Indicator to the Carrier File2007
R177006/28/07Web Merit Enhancements 2007 - Phase I2007
R176906/13/07OPEB Reporting Process Modifications2007
R176806/12/07Remove Social Security Number on PPP1341 Report2007
R176706/07/07MCB One-Time2007
R176606/05/07Low Wage Increases for Non-Represented Employees2007
R176505/31/07HX Lump Sum Payment Program2007
R176405/17/07Modify Editing of ITR & VTR & Correct Error on Report2007
R176304/12/07UCRP Employer Contribution Rates2007
R176204/05/07TCT Update Correction2007
R176103/26/07Obsolete N1 and N2 Tranactions in EDB Web/IVR Transactions Process2007
R176003/19/07Questionable W-4 forms to the IRS2007
R175903/12/07Fix mixed-case address fields2007
R175803/06/07Maximum OASDI Gross Limit Size Increase2007
R175703/05/07UCRS and EBEUC/EBERC2007
R175602/16/07Generic GL Entries for NGO Contributions2007
R175502/15/07New Federal Tax Withholding Rules for Nonresident Aliens, Phase II 2007
R175401/31/07Remove BRSC from CICS Screens2007
R175301/29/072006 1042-S Changes2007
R175201/26/07Insurance Premiums - Period of Initial Eligibility2007
R175101/24/07W2 Reprint One-time2007
R175001/17/07PPIIVR: Add GTN 635, Remove GTN 3012007
R174901/04/07Web PAN Modifications and Cleanup2007
R174801/03/07Edit Change for Nonresident Aliens2007
R174701/02/072007 W4/DE4 Template2007
R174612/20/06Cleanup Orphan NRA Effective Dates2006
R174512/15/06W-2 Processing for 20062006
R174412/13/06UPTE Dues and Cap Changes2006
R174312/11/06Education Level Yr (EDB 0117) Alphanumeric Fix and Obsolete Bind Members2006
R174212/04/06120 Day Limit on Transfers of Payroll Expense2006
R174111/27/06Benefit Rates by Bargaining Units - Phase III2006
R174011/13/06Change to Medical Premuim Contribution Base Calculation2006
R173911/09/06Benefits by Bargaining Unit Phase II2006
R173811/08/06457 IRS Changes for 2006 W-2 Reporting2006
R173711/07/06Scholarshare to Fidelity2006
R173611/02/06UCRP Overpayment Process2006
R173510/31/06Benefit Rates By Bargaining Units - Phase I2006
R173410/09/06TCT Update Error Fix2006
R173310/05/06Error Report #20422006
R173210/02/06Modification to IVR/Web Interface File2006
R173109/26/06SHPS Debit Card Program2006
R173009/22/06On-Line W-2 (OW2) - Phase I 2006
R172909/20/06SX 2006 Wage Increase Reporting2006
R172809/19/06Web Merit Fix2006
R172709/18/06Correction to PPWEPER2006
R172609/13/06Web Merit Follow-up2006
R172509/12/06SMS DCP Memo Codes2006
R172409/08/06SX 2006 Open Range ATB Increase2006
R172308/31/06SLIS Interfaces2006
R172208/28/06Web Merit Enhancements 2006 Phase II2006
R172108/25/06New Federal Tax Withholding for Nonresident Aliens Phase 12006
R172008/25/06Fix Step Edit R17042006
R171908/23/06Sub-location Functionality in the Range Adjustment Process2006
R171808/21/06EX 2006 Wage Increase Reporting Service2006
R171708/18/06COBRA IDOC Change: Election Form Due Date2006
R171608/15/06SLCG (Senior Leadership Compensation Group) Grade2006
R171507/28/06UCRP Deduction Calculation Enhancements2006
R171407/19/06EX 2006 Open Range ATB Increase2006
R171307/12/062006 Web Merit Enhancements2006
R171206/29/06Cost Allocation -- Workers Comp2006
R171106/27/06Benefit Enrollments of PostDoctoral New Hires2006
R171006/15/06Special Training Indicator2006
R170906/13/06Correct Overtime Exemption Code Editing in TCT Update2006
R170806/12/06SX 2006 Wage Reporting2006
R170705/23/06SX 2006 Open Range ATB Increase2006
R170605/18/06FITSCo Account Reconcilation File2006
R170505/16/061042-S Recipient Q Record Count2006
R170405/15/06Step Edit Modifications, Phase II2006
R170305/04/06Post Doctoral Edit Fix - EDB File Maintenance2006
R170204/25/06AFT Dues Filter2006
R170104/21/06COBRA Election Notice IDOCs2006
R170004/20/06GASB Statement 47 Voluntary and Involuntary Termination Benefits2006
R169904/14/06Zero SSN Changes to UCRS Interface File Process2006
R169804/07/06CX 2006 Lump Sum Payment Program2006
R169703/27/06Salary Cap Reporting File - FEDC Selection2006
R169603/14/06SRDP DOS2006
R169503/07/06Fidelity ID Assignment - Employees with Zero SSN Numbers2006
R169402/24/06Effort Reporting System Extract2006
R169302/23/06TX Lump Sum Payment2006
R169202/22/06RX Lump Sum Payment2006
R169102/21/06Postdoc Follow-up Issues2006
R169002/06/06IBRS Modification2006
R168902/03/06PPP420 Fixes2006
R168801/31/06Additional CPS elements extract2006
R168701/25/062005 1042-S Changes2006
R168601/24/06Corrections to TCT Maintenance Reports2006
R168501/18/06Remove Obsolete Summer Salary Report File2006
R168401/17/06Rush Checks Processing Correction2006
R168301/13/062006 W4/DE4 Template2006
R168201/10/06Student FICA 80% Process2006
R168112/21/05W-2 2005 Changes2005
R168012/19/05Delete Orphan HCRA Effective Dates2005
R167912/05/05Non-U.S. Citizens Reporting Changes Phase II2005
R167812/01/05Leading Zeroes Suppression Error Fix2005
R167711/30/05Modifications to Citizenship Code A and New Visa Code E32005
R167511/18/05SMS Benefit Expense - State Funds2005
R167411/15/05Distribution Eligibility Date Derivation Changes2005
R167311/09/05Web PAN Rewrite2005
R167211/07/05The 'T' Dependent for WFTRA2005
R167111/02/05SX 2005 Wage Reporting2005
R167011/01/05Senior Management Supplement Changes2005
R166910/27/05Salary Cap Error Reporting File2005
R166810/26/05Web Merit Issues2005
R166710/13/05Non-U.S. Citizens Reporting Changes2005
R166610/07/05EX 2005 Wage Reporting2005
R166510/03/05Daily EDB Web/IVR Update Process/Report Fix2005
R166409/29/05ESI Online Earnings Statement, Phase 12005
R166309/27/05UCRS STIP Reporting Changes2005
R166209/19/05AFSCME's Political Action Contribution Criteria Modifications2005
R166109/14/05SX 2005 Open Range ATB Increase2005
R166008/23/05Correct Web PAN display problems in Netscape and other browsers2005
R165908/17/05EX 2005 Open Range ATB Increase2005
R165808/12/05Postdoc NRA Imputed Income2005
R165708/04/05Web Merit Roster Dept Selection List Changes2005
R165608/03/05Tax Withholding Allowances2005
R165507/05/05Modified SX Lump Sum One-time Program PPOT16462005
R165407/05/05New Visa Code Addition2005
R165306/23/05Annuitant Health/Dental and Benefits Administration Assessments2005
R165206/17/05NACHA File - Zero Social Security Number2005
R165106/16/05Family Member Verification De-enrollment2005
R165006/14/05Unsuccessful Edit Rejection2005
R164906/10/05PPS Sub-location Expansion2005
R164806/08/05Change To START End Date2005
R164706/06/05Salary Rate Limitation2005
R164606/06/05SX 2005 One-time Lump Sum Bonus Payment2005
R164506/02/05Web PAN Performance Enhancement Fix2005
R164406/01/05Fidelity Master Record Keeper - Phase II2005
R164305/26/05Fixes to Salary Step Edit Changes2005
R164205/17/05Correct IPAR display order2005
R164105/06/05Modification to Salary Step Edit2005
R164005/03/05Change 1042-S Country Name2005
R163904/26/05Batch IVR Interface File Fix2005
R163804/22/05Separation Dates Edit2005
R163704/21/05Postdoc Startup Removal2005
R163604/06/05Salary Step Edit Changes2005
R163503/30/05Fidelity Master Record Keeper - Phase I2005
R163403/18/05VAC Benefit Assessment - START2005
R163303/07/05Online Error Reports2005
R163203/01/05Self Billing Statement File Fix2005
R163102/17/05Self Billing File Fix (Postdoc Disability)2005
R163002/16/052005 W4/DE4 Template2005
R162902/16/05Postdoc - Transfer Benefit Separation2005
R162802/14/05Changes to TCT List, PPP04332005
R162702/09/05Postdoc - RA Citizen Code Edits2005
R162602/08/05Identify HMO Enrollment Change Due to Provider Disruption2005
R162502/04/05Plan Code 'XC' - Postdoctoral Scholar Benefit Changes2005
R162402/00/05Correct name change issue in PPP1302005
R162301/25/05Correct PPP6402 header dates2005
R162201/19/05Postdoc - Object Codes2005
R162101/13/05Form 1042-S - 2004 Tax Year Changes2005
R162001/12/05Postdoc - FEL Payments2005
R161901/11/05W-2 Copymember Fix (CPWSTXTP)2005
R161801/11/05Postdoc Non-Resident Alien Monthly Reporting2005
R161701/04/05Report PPP9408 in Electronic Format2005
R161600/00/00Address Edit Changes2004
R161500/00/00Postdoc Expense and Consolidated Billing2004
R161400/00/00Year 2004 W-2 Changes2004
R161300/00/00Location Indicator, BELI to UCRS PPI740 Interface File2004
R161200/00/00Postdoc Related Modifications Phase III2004
R161100/00/00Capture DepCare and HCRA for History2004
R161000/00/00Updates to HCRA and DepCare Processing2004
R160900/00/00Postdoc Corrections in EDB File Maintenance2004
R160800/00/00Modify Dependent Edit in Payroll2004
R160700/00/00Postdoctoral Scholar Modifications - Phase II2004
R160600/00/00Fire Fighter Release Followup2004
R160500/00/00Postdoctoral Scholar Modifications - Phase 12004
R160400/00/00457b Deductions Error Fix2004
R160300/00/00PPCTPRPE Date Initializations2004
R160200/00/00Firefighters TX to FF2004
R160100/00/00EX 2004 Wage Increase Reporting2004
R160000/00/00Web Pan EFIX2004
R159900/00/00457(b) Plan2004
R159800/00/00Mid-Pay Cycle Release 1576 Install2004
R159700/00/00EX ATB Wage Increase2004
R159600/00/00Web PAN EFIX2004
R159500/00/00PAR Expansion Phase 3: Page Numbers2004
R159400/00/00Separation Reason Code Mapping2004
R159300/00/00PPP390 Improper Use of CPPDXDC32004
R159200/00/00Generalized Direct Deposit GTN Process2004
R159100/00/00Derived Percent Time2004
R159000/00/00EDB Update Abend (Sub-Location)2004
R158900/00/00Web Merit - Limits on Number of Rates2004
R158800/00/00PAR Expansion Phase 2: SPCL Functions2004
R158700/00/00SSN Removal From and Employee Status Code Addition To CICS Headers2004
R158600/00/00Wells Fargo Sign-on, Header, and Trailer records in NACHA File - PPP4302004
R158500/00/00Deduction Reporting Fix - PPP4902004
R158400/00/00Error Reports2004
R158300/00/00Final Pay Compute - Edit Rejections2004
R158200/00/00CTL CRESTORE Fixit2004
R158100/00/00TX Range-to-Step Conversion2004
R158000/00/00RX Range-to-Step Conversion2004
R157900/00/00Employment Status Code to CICS Headers2004
R157800/00/00Web Merit Negative Adjustment Restoration, Web Merit Modifications & Fixes2004
R157700/00/00CTL Update - LAT Rate Schedule2004
R157600/00/00Prorate Leave Taken2004
R157500/00/00Post Authorization Notices (PAN) Fix2004
R157400/00/00Foreign Postal code to History2004
R157300/00/00SSN Removal From Browse Screens2004
R157200/00/00SSN Removal from Reports2004
R157100/00/00PAR Expansion/YTD Balances2004
R157000/00/00CPS Distribution File Changes2004
R156900/00/00Employee Document (IDOC) - Display new UCRS Funds2004
R156800/00/00CNA 2004 Union Reporting Changes2004
R156700/00/00Dependent Reporting Changes2004
R156600/00/00Account Reconciliation File Changes - Compute2004
R156500/00/00TCS rate lookup and merit application changes2004
R156400/00/00Page Number Expansion2004
R156300/00/00Obsoleted GTN 248/249 Cleanup2004
R156200/00/00EAP Sub-Location at UCLA2004
R156100/00/00CNA 2004 Dues and Agency Fee2004
R156000/00/00SSN Removal from On-Line CICS Headers2004
R155900/00/00PAN Enhancements2004
R155800/00/00Consolidated Billing Reporting Fix2004
R155700/00/00BX UAW VCAP Deductions2004
R155600/00/00Benefits Cleanup Project2004
R155500/00/00PPLATUTL - Uncontrolled Process Loop2004
R155400/00/00IDTC Screen - Pay Cycle Array2004
R155300/00/00Staff Severance Pay Tracking2004
R155200/00/00UCRS Fund Changes2004
R155100/00/00Modifications to 1042-S magnetic tape2004
R155000/00/00CICS Field Help Texts Corrections Related to Benefits2004
R154900/00/00UCRS/IVR/CPS Interface File Changes2004
R154800/00/00Expanded Benefits Eligibility for Non-Senate Faculty (Unit IX)2004
R154700/00/00Account Reconciliation File Changes - Compute2004
R154600/00/00Correct W2 - was missing DepCare2004
R154500/00/00Carrier File Fix2004
R154400/00/00BX Lump Sum Payments2004
R154300/00/00Bypass START Related Dists for Basic Life Salary Base Calc2003
R154200/00/00Citizenship Changes on Tax Treaty Expiration2003
R154100/00/00Subscript Range Error Fix - PPEC7062003
R154000/00/00Initialize BRSC Effective Date in compute2003
R153900/00/00Web Inquiry Code Translation Removal2003
R153800/00/00Benefits Enrollment at Rehires2003
R153700/00/00Add Medical Contribution Base Fields to the ECEN Screen2003
R153600/00/00Carrier File Modifications2003
R153500/00/00Social Security Mask - Paper Check and Surepay Statement2003
R153400/00/00Table Edits, Separation Reason Codes, Visa Codes2003
R153300/00/00Changes to 1042-S Processing for 20032003
R153200/00/00Changes for W2 20032003
R153100/00/002004 Legal Plan Changes2003
R153000/00/00W-4/DE4 Template for 20042003
R152900/00/00Obsolete PIN Authorization Signature Date2003
R152800/00/00Union Business Leave Report2003
R152700/00/00Final Pay - Time Roster Update 2003
R152600/00/00Duration of Appointment Changes2003
R152500/00/00Tax Treaty Limits2003
R152400/00/00IX/LX Dues Fix and IX/LX Monthly Cap Changes2003
R152300/00/00Establish End Date and Annual Amount for DepCare2003
R152200/00/00Fix Union Business Leave Report2003
R152100/00/00Union Deduction File2003
R152000/00/00TX 2003 Wage Increase Reporting2003
R151900/00/00RX 2003 Wage Increase Reporting2003
R151800/00/00Union Business Leave Reporting2003
R151700/00/00Retroactive Payment Fix (START DOS) - PPP9302003
R151600/00/00Update BELI Eligibility Date Correction2003
R151500/00/00Unit 18 (IX) Wage Settlement 20032003
R151400/00/00Mx Unit TCT Change2003
R151300/00/00Merit ATB ( Across The Board) Release2003
R151200/00/00Leave of Absence Modifications2003
R151100/00/00Benefits Changes - Short-term2003
R151000/00/00Core Medical FAU Constant2003
R150900/00/00DOS Code 'RTB' Reduction in Time - Stipend2003
R150800/00/00COHR - Vacation Balance Update2003
R150700/00/00TX Open Range ATB Wage Increase2003
R150600/00/00RX Open Range ATB Wage Increase2003
R150500/00/00EDB Daily Web/IVR Changes - 403(b) MAC Amount2003
R150400/00/00Net.Data Error for Installations Running on Windows Server2003
R150300/00/00CA Flat Tax2003
R150200/00/00Merit Roster Process Modification2003
R150100/00/00CX Range Adjustment/Merit Increase Reporting2003
R150000/00/00Union Deduction File Change2003
R149900/00/00WebMerit Application : WebSphere 5.x release2003
R149800/00/00CX One-time Lump Sum Payments2003
R149700/00/00SQL Code Negative 805 fix to PPP7002003
R149600/00/00FLSA Indicator Code Translation fix on Web PAN2003
R149500/00/00UCRS Interface Files Changes for START data - Phase II2003
R149400/00/00CICS Field Level Help Correction (PAN0510)2003
R149300/00/00Accumulation of Faculty Summer Salary Earnings Logic Fix2003
R149200/00/00Final Pay Compute2003
R149100/00/00THF Copymember CPWSTHFC Synchronization2003
R149000/00/00Termination of American Century Deductions2003
R148900/00/00Completion of Dues Retention Changes2003
R148800/00/00Unified Union Reporting File Changes - START Data2003
R148600/00/00UAW, AFSCME, and CUE Dues Processing Changes2003
R148500/00/00WebMerit Application Parameter Change2003
R148400/00/00SHPS Reporting Correction2003
R148300/00/00Exclude Appointment Type 4 from UCRP Eligibility2003
R148200/00/00Staff and Academic Reduction in Time (START) - Phase I2003
R148100/00/00Expanded Student Eligibility for UCRP2003
R148000/00/00Control Table Update Fixes2003
R147900/00/00CM Plan Code on PPA Rows2003
R147800/00/00WEB PAN Fixes2003
R147700/00/00Modifications to UCRS Interface File2003
R147600/00/00Addition of Foreign Address to UCRS File2003
R147500/00/00HCRA Effective Date and Termination Date Retention2003
R147400/00/00HPER - Correct Recently Separated Vet and Credit Service Dates2003
R147300/00/00New Action Codes for ATB Wage Increase2003
R147200/00/00LOA Temporary Layoff Type Code2003
R147100/00/00Work Study Program Edit Fix2003
R147000/00/00Web PAN - Work Study Program code added2003
R146900/00/00Remove American Century from the NACHA File2003
R146800/00/00Web EDB Inquiry Labor Relations Screen Mods2003
R146700/00/00Monthly Union Reporting File Changes2003
R146600/00/00PPWERET, PPP420, PPP561 fixes2003
R146500/00/00Control Table Update Conversion-Final2003
R146400/00/00Technical DB2 V7 conversion for macros2003
R146300/00/00Benefits Related Corrections2003
R146200/00/00PPP400 PPA Processing Modification2003
R146100/00/00Unified Union Rporting Changes2003
R146000/00/00Control Table Update Conversion2003
R145900/00/00PPP561 BC, BH and BP Carrier Adjustments Modification2003
R145800/00/00SHPS File2003
R145700/00/00Wrong MCB Used in Compute Rate Calculation2003
R145600/00/00Benefits Related Corrections2003
R145500/00/00Fix initialization of recently separated veteran date2003
R145400/00/00Senior Management Severance Pay Changes2002
R145300/00/00PPP950 Sub-Location fix2002
R145200/00/00Correct IVR error reports and salary base calculation flag2002
R145100/00/00PPBENXHI Rate Lookup Correction2002
R145000/00/00Recently Separated Veteran Date2002
R144900/00/00Initial Year 2003 W-4/DE4 Template2002
R144800/00/00HCRA Effective Date Derivation2002
R144700/00/00CUE Dues Processing2002
R144600/00/00Monthly Maint - Separated Employees in Surepay2002
R144500/00/00Year 2002 1042-S Changes2002
R144400/00/00Expense Transfer - FICA Separation2002
R144300/00/00DB2 CTL Update Fixes2002
R144200/00/00Questionable W-4 Forms2002
R144100/00/00Year 2002 W-2 Changes2002
R144000/00/002003 Benefits Changes2002
R143900/00/00UCRS Basic Deduction Fix - Separated Employee2002
R143800/00/00NX Dues - Unit Earnings Restriction2002
R143700/00/00Terminal Vacation Pay Benefit Expense2002
R143600/00/00EX/SX 2002 ATB Wage Increase2002
R143500/00/00Web Macro Department Code Edit EFIX2002
R143400/00/00CTL RCSTORE Recreation2002
R143300/00/00Web Merit Java Documentation2002
R143200/00/00CNA Dues and Agency Fee Changes2002
R143100/00/00EIC Enhancement for ETAX Screen2002
R143000/00/00Dues Deduction Movement2002
R142900/00/00Actions upon Separation2002
R142800/00/00Web Merit2002
R142700/00/00Surepay Advice EFIX2002
R142600/00/00Step Expansion Omissions2002
R142500/00/00Send Union Political Contribution Deductions to CPS2002
R142400/00/00Control Table Update Conversion2002
R142300/00/00Prevent Benefit Offset - Default FAU Process2002
R142200/00/00Union Deduction Reporting Changes2002
R142100/00/00PPEI052 WSP fix2002
R142000/00/00Web EDB Inquiry Screen Versioning2002
R141900/00/00Performance Evaluation/Step Expansion2002
R141800/00/00State Declaration of Domestic Partnership2002
R141700/00/00URL Escape Sequence Fix2002
R141600/00/00SBS Negative Undefined Plan Amounts2002
R141500/00/00PAN Enhancements2002
R141400/00/00UCRS Basic Deduction Fix2002
R141300/00/00Control Table Update Conversion: BRT, FND and MCP2002
R141200/00/00Unified Union Reporting File Changes2002
R141100/00/00Notification of Final Pay - OLRC2002
R141000/00/00Change Action Code Values for CPS Interface2002
R140900/00/00Hours Toward Benefits Eligibility Fix2002
R140800/00/00Web EDB Inquiry - Initial Installation2002
R140700/00/00System Parameter Entries for EIC Max Amt and Earnings Limits2002
R140600/00/00ORCA - Safe Harbor Overpayment BYA Earnings Fix2002
R140500/00/00Control Table Update Conversion: PPPBUT Table2002
R140400/00/00Consolidated Billing: Life, Disability and AD&D Undefined Plan Entries2002
R140300/00/00Core Plan Codes When BELI is Retroactive2002
R140200/00/00Additional Age Bracket for Life Insurance2002
R140100/00/00Control Table Update Conversion: Phase II2002
R140000/00/00EIC Advance Payments2002
R139900/00/00EX-SX 2002 One-Time Payment2002
R139800/00/00Appointment FLSA Indicator Edit Modifications2002
R139700/00/00Remaining Benefits FAU Default2002
R139600/00/00Consolidated Billing: Life, Disability and AD&D2002
R139500/00/00Add ECED/DCED Derivation to PPP130 Daily Process2002
R139400/00/00Final Year 2002 W-4/DE4 Template Changes2002
R139300/00/00October 2001 EX/SX ATB Increase2002
R139200/00/00FIXIT - BELI Changed from 3 to 2 - PIE Date not established2002
R139100/00/00DB2 Account/Fund Profile2002
R139000/00/00AFSCME PAC Deduction - Phase II2002
R138900/00/00Leave Accrual History Screen Changes2002
R138800/00/00Year 2001 1042-S Changes2002
R138700/00/00Sub-Loc Functionality in PPS: Retro Range & Merit Adjustments2002
R138600/00/00Establish PIE for Rehires and BELI Changes2002
R138500/00/00Firefighters TCT Rate Display2002
R138400/00/00AFSCME PAC deductions for Union File2001
R138300/00/00Firefighters 56 Hour Week2001
R138200/00/00PPGRSPAR fix for missing ELSE2001
R138100/00/00PPAPTDPT fix for false message 08-0072001
R138000/00/00Year-End MAC Reset2001
R137900/00/00Year 2001 W-2 Changes2001
R137800/00/00Initial Year 2002 W-4/DE4 Template2001
R137700/00/00Add Sub-Location to CPS/BCS Interface File2001
R137600/00/00Sub-Location Functionality in PPS2001
R137500/00/00Conversion of TCS Payscale Flatfile2001
R137400/00/00RX Reporting - October, 20012001
R137300/00/00BX Initiation Fee Limitation2001
R137200/00/00Employment Verification Data for IVR/WEB Interface2001
R137100/00/00Rush Checks - Corrections2001
R137000/00/00Modification to Hours Toward Benefits Eligibility Accumulation2001
R136900/00/00Fix Reported Total Summer Salary Earning on CONBEN File2001
R136800/00/00Conform SQL Code to DB2 V62001
R136700/00/00PPPBRS Initialization for Retained UDUEs2001
R136600/00/00Fix Calc of Regular DCP Deductions2001
R136500/00/00GASB Liability Reporting2001
R136400/00/00Fix PPP530 - Assign Summer Salary benefits to TOE File2001
R136300/00/00Restriction of max 7 summer salary earnings per record2001
R136200/00/00RX Wage Increase Reporting2001
R136100/00/00Bargaining Unit Table Report Fix2001
R136000/00/00Add FLSA Indicator to Appointment Record of CPS/BCS interface file2001
R135900/00/00Fix accumulation logic for DCP Limits calc2001
R135800/00/00Rush Checks - Fix to Reg DCP Calc2001
R135700/00/00Add Data Elements to CPS/BCS Interface File2001
R135600/00/00Faculty Summer Salary2001
R135500/00/00RX October 2000 Open Range Increase2001
R135400/00/00Title Code Table Error Corrections2001
R135300/00/00Action Code 292001
R135200/00/00UAW Dues Retention2001
R135100/00/00Deduction Reporting Enhancements2001
R135000/00/00Fixit for Citizenship Status Code and Student Status Code edit2001
R134900/00/00Rename Benefits Plans2001
R134800/00/00Modification to Salary Grade Edits2001
R134700/00/00Faculty Summer Salary DCP Ded/Cont2001
R134600/00/00Correct Benefits Edits for HIPAA2001
R134500/00/00PPP1393 Report Header run-on text (EMPLOYEE)2001
R134400/00/00Union Deduction File Process2001
R134300/00/00Title Code Usage edit modification2001
R134200/00/00Consolidated Billing Modifications 1.a2001
R134100/00/00CX Reporting2001
R134000/00/00False issuance of messages related to fed/state exempts exceeding max2001
R133900/00/00BX Unit Dues Restriction2001
R133800/00/00120-Day Break in Service2001
R133700/00/00PPP946 SQL sub-select fix2001
R133600/00/00Clear Out Default Plan Data2001
R133500/00/00Correct TCT Handling of A-blank and Z-blank TUC's2001
R133400/00/00W-4 Tax Withholding - Phase II2001
R133300/00/00Graduate Student Partial Fee Remission 2 (GSPF2)2001
R133200/00/00Modify Title Code Table Processes2001
R133100/00/00One-Time 'Lookback' on Hours for Casual Employees2001
R133000/00/00Expanded Career Status Eligibility for Employees2001
R132900/00/00HX Unit ATB Increase2001
R132800/00/00PPP670 Former APS Title Code Selection fix2001
R132700/00/00October 2000 NX Wage Increase2001
R132600/00/00CX Signing Bonus2001
R132500/00/00W-4 /DE4 Withholding2001
R132400/00/00PPP851 Date Logic Correction2000
R132300/00/00Modify Title Code Update Process2000
R132200/00/00Year 2000 1042-S Changes2000
R132100/00/00October 2000 SX & EX Wage Increase2000
R132000/00/00PPP561 Prior Year Benefit Rates for Adjustments2000
R131900/00/00IAP Funded 0.8% Wage Increase2000
R131800/00/00Year 2000 W-2 Changes2000
R131700/00/00PPEDTPAY Handling of Representation Codes2000
R131600/00/00Modify Reports to Mask Employee ID Number2000
R131500/00/00Blocking Overtime Pay for Exempt Employees - Fixes2000
R131400/00/00One-Time Capture of Hours on Pay Status2000
R131300/00/00Expanded Benefits Eligibility for Employees2000
R131200/00/00Fixes to Title Code Table update process for negative SQL2000
R131100/00/00Domestic Partner Benefit Enrollment2000
R131000/00/00Fixes for R1304 PPTCTUTL processes2000
R130900/00/00Multiple Unit Dues2000
R130800/00/00Fixit to PPP4303 Report (PPP430)2000
R130700/00/00HIPAA Followup Changes2000
R130600/00/00Union File Fix - PPP7702000
R130500/00/00SBS File truncation fix; Enrollment Adjustment Location Code fix2000
R130400/00/00Title Code Table Structure Changes2000
R130300/00/00October 2000 Special Wage Augmentation2000
R130200/00/00Vet Stat Codes/Interface Files/Campus Address/Emp Org Home Phone Discl2000
R130100/00/00AFSCME and AFT Dues GTN Separation2000
R130000/00/00Retain Legal Coverage through BELI Changes2000
R129900/00/00Pass Appointment Type to Union File2000
R129800/00/00HIPAA fix in Monthly Maintenance2000
R129700/00/00One-time Update of Plan Coverage End Dates2000
R129600/00/00HIPAA FIXES2000
R129500/00/00Consolidated Billing & Self Billing Statement - Phase II2000
R129400/00/00Agency Fee - Permanent Process2000
R129300/00/00Support for the new BX Unit for employees in student academic titles2000
R129200/00/00Clear delete switch fix in PPIIVR2000
R129100/00/00Conversion to Mellon Bank2000
R129000/00/00Correction of Senior Management Title Range in PPIIVR2000
R128900/00/00Blocking Overtime to Exempt Employees / GRADE Expansion2000
R128800/00/00PPPBUF Structure Changes/Unified Reporting Changes2000
R128700/00/00Consolidated Billing and Self-Billing Statement2000
R128600/00/00PPP137 - WRNPRT print to disk fix2000
R128500/00/00Fix PPA plan update error2000
R128400/00/00Missing Step on Distributions2000
R128300/00/00Agency Fee/Charity Deductions to Corporate Personnel2000
R128200/00/00CNA Refund of Dues and Agency Fees2000
R128100/00/00HIPAA Waiting Period2000
R128000/00/00CNA Dues & Agency Fee Calculation Structure Changes2000
R127900/00/00Citizenship Status Code Modifications2000
R127800/00/00Leave Hours Lost - low order 4 decimals2000
R127700/00/00BRT Retirement Assessment Rate Load2000
R127600/00/00Late Pay Earnings Hours2000
R127500/00/00One-time Generation of January Fair Share Deductions2000
R127400/00/00Field length difference in compare logic2000
R127300/00/00PPP830 month count calculation fix2000
R127200/00/00Temporary Fair Share Process - Additional Functionality2000
R127100/00/00Net Pay Limit Warning Report2000
R127000/00/00Implementation of HX Dues Structure2000
R126900/00/00Y2K Compliance Review - Phase 22000
R126800/00/001999 1042-S Changes2000
R126700/00/001999 W-2 Changes1999
R126600/00/00Temporary 'Fair Share' Process1999
R126500/00/00Date-Related Fixes1999
R126400/00/00Check Disposition Override Sequence1999
R126300/00/00Implementation of RX Dues Structure1999
R126200/00/00RX Lump Sum - Phase 21999
R126100/00/00ESI-Related Corrections1999
R126000/00/00Correct Improper Reporting of Indefinite Appointments and Distributions as Expiring1999
R125900/00/00Collective Bargaining Reporting - ESI-related Changes1999
R125800/00/00SX Unit January Merit Increase1999
R125700/00/00RX Lump Sum Phase I1999
R125600/00/00Correction to Release 1253 - SRA Deduction Processing1999
R125500/00/00Corrections to release 1253/Additional One-time1999
R125400/00/00Corrections to Release 12531999
R125300/00/00Employee Self-Service Initiative Changes1999
R125200/00/00GTN processing on the PPBRG table1999
R125100/00/00Service Unit Agreement Phase II1999
R125000/00/00CX Wage Increase/Merit Process Phase II1999
R124900/00/00SX Agreement Implementation - Phase I1999
R124800/00/00Clerical and Allied Services Agreement Implementation - Phase I1999
R124700/00/00Display of GTN's with Usage1999
R124600/00/00Surepay Statement - Display State Taxable Earnings1999
R124500/00/00PPIINS Screen HelpText1999
R124400/00/00Initialization of Tax Treaty Data1999
R124300/00/00Modifications to PAN Event APPT Notification Text1999
R124200/00/00Budgetary End Dates1999
R124100/00/00SX Overtime and TOC Distributions1999
R124000/00/00Student Status Code Changes1999
R123900/00/00Domestic Partner and ADR age edits1999
R123800/00/00SX - Phase 2 Wage Increase1999
R123700/00/00TX Annual and TX Monthly Change Reporting1999
R123600/00/00CNA Changes1999
R123500/00/00On-line Rush Checks Print Queue Error Correction1999
R123400/00/00SX Agreement on 1.5% wage inc, 1.5% merit inc, 1.5% lump sum1999
R123300/00/00Date Conversion Cleanup1999
R123200/00/00Time On Call - Retroactive Pay 1999
R123100/00/00Pretax Transportation Deductions Report1999
R123000/00/00VSAM/DB2 Control Tables Conversion1999
R122900/00/00Expense Transfers - Separate UI and GSH1999
R122800/00/00Costing Tables Inconsistency Handling1999
R122700/00/00TIP Data and Pretax Transportation Data to UCRS1999
R122600/00/00IVR Extract Changes1999
R122500/00/00IAP Reporting - Span Fiscal Year1999
R122400/00/00Oath Signature Date Edits1998
R122300/00/001998 W-2 Reporting Changes1998
R122200/00/00PEC053 FAU edit fix1998
R122100/00/001998 1042-S Changes1998
R122000/00/00Release 1187 fixes1998
R121900/00/00403(b) MAC Change Date1998
R121800/00/00Date Conversion Cleanup1998
R121700/00/00USERRA - Fidelity Surepay Deductions1998
R121600/00/00Insufficient FICA Deductions.1998
R121500/00/00R1197 Fix - PPHRMGR1998
R121400/00/00PAR ARSM Depertment Rule1998
R121300/00/00Indeterminate collective bargaining values1998
R121200/00/00CSER - Span Fiscal Year1998
R121100/00/00Pretax Transportation Program1998
R121000/00/00Medicare Limit Correction1998
R120900/00/00PPP5831 Report - Home Dept Sequence1998
R120800/00/00UC Benefits - Salary Reductions 1998
R120700/00/00TRIP Removal1998
R120600/00/00Reconciliation Bank and Pay Check Stock1998
R120500/00/00Date Conversion fixes1998
R120400/00/00PPS Online abnormality fixes1998
R120300/00/00PPP490 Deduction file changes1998
R120200/00/00Enrollment into Pretax Transportation Deductions1998
R120100/00/00Biweekly Fiscal Year End Options1998
R120000/00/00Fix display of remnant awards on HAWD screen1998
R119900/00/00PPS Daily IVR Updates1998
R119800/00/00PPP130 PPEDBUPD error handling bug1998
R119700/00/00United States Date of Entry1998
R119600/00/00PPP560 BUG FIXES1998
R119500/00/00Leave With Pay - Workers' Compensation Edit1998
R119400/00/00UC BENS, IVR, UCRS CHANGES1998
R119300/00/00PAR Domestic Partner TIP Reduction 1998
R119200/00/00Leave Over Maximum Expense and IAP Reporting1998
R119100/00/00Visa/Work Permit Label Change & Citizenship Code F1998
R118900/00/00Pending Premium Default Plan Codes1998
R118800/00/00Domestic Partner Imputed Income1998
R118700/00/00FOCUS to COBOL Conversion1998
R118600/00/00New Employee Registry (EDD New Hire)1998
R118500/00/00E1 FAU validation for work study funding1998
R118400/00/00Departmental PAR Inquiry1998
R118300/00/00Student Retirement/FICA/UI Derivation1998
R118200/00/00Dependent Data Changes (Adult Dependent Relative)1998
R118100/00/00Ethnic Origin Code Implied Maintenance Edit1998
R118000/00/00PPP560 Carrier File Trailer Record1998
R117900/00/00Expanded Surepay Advice Statement1998
R117700/00/00TX Dues * FINAL DUAL MAINT RELEASE *1998
R117600/00/00GFAU Error Fixes,Costing and Range Adjustment Processes1998
R117500/00/00 General, Auto, and Employment Liability Assessment 1998
R117400/00/00GFAU fixes1998
R117300/00/00Daily Benefits Enrollment Maintenance Fixes1998
R117200/00/00TX Retroactive Payments-Exclusion1998
R117100/00/00Add selection criterion to Declare cursor statement in PPP130 1998
R117000/00/00Tx Retroactive Payment - Phase II1998
R116900/00/00TX Base Pay Changes Reporting1998
R116800/00/00Correction to Error Handling in Expense Transfer PANs1998
R116700/00/00Modifications to Student/FICA Process1998
R116600/00/00Daily Benefits Enrollment Maintenance - Phase II1998
R116500/00/00Correction to GFAU version of PPP4205 report1998
R116400/00/00Tx Retroactive Payments Phase I1998
R116300/00/00Report PPP5602 Correction 1998
R116200/00/00Fix PAN address determination logic in PPFAU0221998
R116100/00/001997 W-2 Reporting Changes1997
R116000/00/001997 1042-S Changes1997
R115900/00/00Generic FAU - PPP400 & HADC/HADF Screens1997
R115800/00/00Correction to Program PPP880, Release 11531997
R115700/00/00Daily Benefits Enrollment Maintenance1997
R115600/00/00Title Code Table Update Process Changes1997
R115500/00/00Extended Sick Leave Reporting1997
R115400/00/00Lump Sum # 4 (phase II)1997
R115300/00/00Dependent Relationships1997
R115200/00/00Fix occurrence key work fields ; expand to 30 bytes1997
R115100/00/00TX Lump Sums ( 1.6%, 1.9%, 1.25%) - Phase I1997
R115000/00/00Generic Full Accounting Unit Phase III1997
R114900/00/00Move Emp to PacifiCare; Elim Grandfathered AD&D Amts1997
R114800/00/00Severance Pay Screens1997
R114700/00/00Carrier File Modification1997
R114600/00/00Add AL/CL Separation Reason Codes 1997
R114500/00/00Fix incorrect PPPECF update for previous Action Codes1997
R114400/00/00Leave Hours Balances Initialzation1997
R114300/00/00Comp Time Balance1997
R114200/00/00Generic Full Accounting Unit - II1997
R114100/00/00Fix error in PPCTLU331997
R114000/00/00Benefits Program Changes1997
R113900/00/00BELI derivation for students with future appointments1997
R113800/00/00Generic Full Accounting Unit1997
R113700/00/00Merit Rosters1997
R113600/00/00Automated Journals to Financial Control1997
R113500/00/00PPP170 Fixit1997
R113400/00/00UI Code Derivation fix in PPFICRET1997
R113300/00/00Fetch Complex Correction1997
R113200/00/00CX Election - Phase II1997
R113100/00/00Nonresident Alien Tax - Mo & Cal Yr Periodic Maint1997
R113000/00/00History (Award Data screen change)1997
R112900/00/00OPTRS Fiscal Year End - Biweekly Cycles1997
R112800/00/00CX Election - Phase I1997
R112700/00/00TCT Bug Fixes1997
R112600/00/00Retirement/FICA Derivation Indicator (ER 1468)1997
R112500/00/00HX Election1997
R112400/00/00Committed Salaries Phase II1997
R112300/00/00I4 Separation - University Extension1997
R112200/00/00UPTE Dues Deduction Changes1997
R112100/00/00Bond Owner State/Zip Consistency Edit1997
R112000/00/00Cancel Depcare Deduction on Separation1997
R111900/00/00Zero 403 (b) MAC Amount1997
R111800/00/00Work Study E1/E3 transfers and department limits1997
R111700/00/00IVER key fixes1997
R111600/00/00SX Lump Sum Payments1997
R111500/00/00Fixes to PPP930 and PPP9501997
R111400/00/00University Contribution Indicator and Project Code1997
R111300/00/00Committed Salary Expenditure Reporting (CSER)1997
R111200/00/00Fix recording of prior name in DE 03131997
R111100/00/00Multiple UCRS Buybacks1997
R111000/00/00Fix access of VSAM Control Tables in PPCB02 1997
R110900/00/00Retirement/FICA Derivation1997
R110800/00/00Removal of temporary code in PPTAXEDB1997
R110700/00/00Date Conversion Phase III1997
R110600/00/00Nonresident Alien Tax Fixit -- PPP4101997
R110500/00/00Online MAX Time Errors1997
R110400/00/00On-Line Error Fixes1996
R110300/00/001996 1042-S (Year change on 1042-S form and fix PP1042SF)1996
R110200/00/00403(b) Interface File 1996
R110100/00/00PAN Corrections1996
R110000/00/00403(b) Modifications1996
R109900/00/00Benham/20th Century Merger changes1996
R109800/00/001996 Year-end tax changes1996
R109700/00/00AD&D max. Expanded Health Prem. EPD 90 Day Wait. Period1996
R109600/00/00PPP5701 Legend1996
R109500/00/00FLSA Regular Rate Calculation1996
R109400/00/00Monthly Carrier File changes1996
R109300/00/00On-line Modifications1996
R109200/00/00Work Study Funds - IAP Assessment1996
R109100/00/00Wells Fargo Conversion - Phase II1996
R109000/00/00One-time change of Medical Plan Code from FN to UC 1996
R108900/00/00PAN Department Routing1996
R108800/00/00Human Resources Management Initiative - Phase V1996
R108700/00/00Date Conversion Phase II1996
R108600/00/00Wells Fargo Conversion - Phase I1996
R108500/00/00HRMI Phase IV1996
R108400/00/00HISTORY REPORTING1996
R108300/00/00HRMI PHASE III1996
R108100/00/00HRMI PHASE II1996
R107600/00/00PPO1069A SORT RECORD SIZE1996
R107200/00/00PPP930 REPORT ID FIX1996
R106700/00/00PA ELECTION SUPPORT1996
R106600/00/00CORRECT IVR EXTRACT1996
R106100/00/00SAL BASE - 403(B) MAC - IVR1996
R106000/00/00E1/E3 WSP FUND BY PAY END DATE1996
R105900/00/00POLICE OFFICERS ETC.1996
R104700/00/00PPP300 MESSAGE ISSUANCE1996
R104200/00/00PPP645 - LOA CODE TRANSLATIONS1995
R104100/00/00FIX BLANK CA STATE ID ON W-2 FORM1995
R103600/00/00ANNUAL 1042-S MAINTENANCE1995
R103400/00/00AD&D REMOVED FROM TIP1995
R103100/00/001995 W2 AND 4TH QTR UI MAINTENANCE1995
R102800/00/00THF SCROLL METHOD1995
R102700/00/00CPWSXIC5 CHANGES TO 88 LEVELS1995
R101700/00/00PPIIVR UPDATES1995
R101200/00/00IVR DATA EXTRACT1995
R100700/00/00CICS 4.1 REQUIRED CHANGES1995
R100100/00/00NAVIGATION FIXES1995
R098800/00/00Daily Employment Status Derivation < 1995
R094900/00/00Graduate Student File < 1995
R093000/00/00Employee Service Credit < 1995
R091500/00/00Health Sciences Salary Scales < 1995
R082100/00/00Online EDB Entry/Update Interface to the IID System < 1995
R071700/00/00EDB Maintenance Re-Engineering < 1995
R070200/00/00Graduate Student Remissions < 1995
R065600/00/00Application Resource Security Manager (ARSM) < 1995
R060400/00/00Implementation of PAR Online Inquiry System < 1995
R050200/00/00Premium Overtime Recalculation < 1995
R059400/00/00ARSM Conjunctive Rules < 1995
R055600/00/00Application Resource Security Manager < 1995
R055200/00/00PAF Action Codes - Phase 3 < 1995
R054200/00/00PAF Action Codes - Phase 2 < 1995
R053500/00/00Action Codes for New Payroll/Personnel System < 1995
R036200/00/00Leave Accrual Enhancement < 1995