Completed Service Requests

Num Date Service
Name Year
R234011/15/18SR102334 State Controller Reporting changes to Exclude Unfunded Liability 2018
R234811/07/18SR102478 Create New Earn/DOS Code: FBR 2018
R233711/05/18SR102353 2019 OE Employee Benefit Plans PPS Updates 2018
R233511/02/18SR102329 Gender Identity Compliance in PPS 2018
R234210/29/18SR102509 2018 H&W Rates for NX 2018
R234110/25/18SR102461 AFT Disclosure Updates 2018
R233810/16/18SR102457 BX Ratification Lump Sum Payment 2018
R233607/28/18SR102402 2018 HX Revised Dues Cap Update 2018
R233307/23/18SR102361 System-Wide Response Team DOS/EARN Code 2018
R233107/16/18SR102302 2017 CX Ratification Lump Sum Payment Report 2018
R233207/10/18SR102339 2018 CNA “NX” Dues Cap Update 2018
R232607/06/18SR102224 2018 Covered Compensation Limit Changes 2018
R232607/06/18SR102284 CalPERS 2018-2019 Rate Adjustment 2018
R232607/06/18SR102296 UCRP Supplemental Principal & Interest Assessment Rates FY 2018-19 2018
R232607/06/18SR102297 FY2018-2019 OPEB Rate Adjustment 2018
R232607/06/18SR102331 2018-2019 CalPERS 1959 Survivor Rate Change 2018
R232407/03/18SR101377 Allow Core Enrollment to Persist for Compatible BELI Changes 2018
R232806/18/18SR102250 SX Contract Implementation 7/1/20182018
R232905/23/18SR102222 PPP0433 Report Modifications2018
R232705/14/18SR102244 2018 HX Dues Cap Update2018
R232505/11/18SR102128 Fringe Benefit EARN/DOS Code2018
R233005/08/18SR102251 Reinstate HSA Contribution Limit Family Coverage 2018 in PPS2018
R232104/27/18SR102099 IX 2018 Lump Sum Payment2018
R230804/27/18SR101922 PPI730 Transactions by Retirement Code2018
R231804/06/18SR102104 Savings Choice Vesting Start Date Logic in PPS2018
R232004/05/18SR102163 Reduce HSA Contribution Limit for Family Coverage 20182018
R232203/27/18SR102195 DX Dues Retention2018
R231703/21/18SR102082 Payroll Assessment - STIP Note and External Financing2018
R231503/02/18SR101955 EDD New Hire Modify PPP890 Error Reporting 2018
R231302/06/18SR102094 CNA 2018 Agency/Conscientious Objector Fee Update2018
R231101/17/18SR102086 2018 Federal Tax Table Updates2018
R231201/09/18SR102072 FUPOA 2018 Dues Updates2018
R229801/05/18SR101843 AFSCME Cap Increase2018
R231012/15/17SR102056 Update California Tax Tables for Tax Year 20182017
R230612/14/17SR101951 Payroll Rates—OE 2018 Arrears Transactions2017
R230712/12/17SR102007 2018 Qualified Transportation Benefits and Parking Rate Changes2017
R230712/12/17SR102006 2018 403(b)/457(b) Plan Elective Deferral and Catch-Up Limit Changes2017
R230712/12/17SR101996 2018 OASDI Employee Wage Base Increase2017
R230712/12/17SR101899 FSA and HSA Limit Updates Effective 20182017
R229312/05/17SR101854 California Minimum Wage January 1, 20182017
R230411/29/17SR102047 DART – Disable PPS for a Campus Instance2017
R230511/22/17SR101900 Open Enrollment 2018: Payroll Rate Advance Transactions2017
R228811/20/17SR101807 2017 W-2 Changes2017
LOCAL11/14/17SR101233 Career Tracks Mass Title Changes 2017
R230211/07/17SR101779 2017 ACA 1095-C Plan Code Changes2017
R229209/01/17SR101836 PPP778 Report Modification2017
R229608/11/17SR101862 2017 PX Fair Share & CO Update2017
R229608/11/17SR101858 2017 BX Fair Share & CO Update2017
R229108/04/17SR101772 DOL Agreement Payment2017
R229508/03/17SR101850 Remove Obs Med Plan Codes CM SU and SP2017
R228707/18/17SR101830 Changes to Leave Accrual Code Logic in PPP712 CPS Appointment Interface2017
R228607/14/17SR101771 Overtime DOS Code Update2017
R229007/13/17SR101837 CNA NX Dues/Fees Cap Rate Update 20172017
R228906/30/17SR101817 Settlement Pay DOS Code2017
R228306/29/17SR101829 2017-2018 CalPERS 1959 Survivor Rate Change2017
R228306/29/17SR101822 FY2017-2018 OPEB Rate Adjustment2017
R228306/29/17SR101815 UCRP Supplemental Assessment Rate FY 2017-182017
R228306/29/17SR101780 CalPERS 2017-2018 Rate Adjustment2017
R227806/29/17SR101739 2017 Cov'd Compensation Limit Changes2017
R228206/15/17SR101728 AFT Dues Movement2017
R228506/13/17SR101814 ERIT Update 20172017
R228005/25/17SR101751 SCO File Updates2017
R227905/18/17SR101740 CX One Time Lump Sum $1200 Payment in PPS2017
R227604/27/17SR101694 IX 2017 Lump Sum Payment2017
R227304/17/17SR101699 CNB DOS CODE2017
R226003/21/17SR101590 Web Merit ERIT Update2017
R227203/08/17SR101691 CNA 2017 Agency/Fair Share/Conscientious Objector Fee Update2017
R226103/02/17SR101602 VOE Opt Out2017
R227102/24/17SR101678 Core Medical Name Update2017
R226902/22/17SR101652 Display of YTD Gross2017
R227002/10/17SR101672 AFT - IX & LX Units Dues, Fees & CO Cap Increase2017
R226302/09/17SR101603 Inactivate RBA DOS Code2017
R226702/08/17SR101623 NEX Post Doctoral Scholar Title Code2017
R226201/26/17SR101558 FLSA Derivation Update2017
R226401/19/17SR101582 2017 UPTE Dues and Fees Cap Increase2017
R226801/18/17SR101640 LX Lump Sum Payment2017
R225901/12/17SR101568 2017 AFSCME Cap Increase2017
R225801/04/17SR101556 New NEX and Postdoc Title Codes2017
R226612/22/16SR101606GTN ATTRIBUTE UPDATE2016
R224712/13/16SR1014042016 W-2 Changes2016
R225212/13/16SR1015442017 OASDI Employee Wage Base Increase2016
R225212/13/16SR101588Update Federal Tax Tables for 20172016
R225212/13/16SR101604Update California Tax Tables for Tax Year 20172016
R224112/13/16SR101465EDD New Hire Reporting Data File Corrections 2016
R225412/08/16SR101522Pension Tier 2016 Phase II 2016
R225112/07/16SR101565Open Enrollment 2017 Payroll Rate Arrears Transactions2016
R224612/05/16SR101431Enhancements to ACA Employer Reporting2016
R225512/02/16SR101552OPT1 Union Deduction Error2016
R223912/01/16SR101428California Minimum Wage January 1, 20172016
R223412/01/16SR101387Disability Plans for 20172016
R225011/28/16SR101543Open Enrollment 2017: Payroll Rate Advance Transactions2016
R223711/16/16SR1014372017 OE Medical Plans2016
R225611/14/16SR101551FUPOA 2016 Dues Updates2016
R225311/09/16SR101537Academic Non-Exempt Titles and BW Factor Leave Accrual2016
R223510/25/16SR101232Employer Shared Responsibility under the Affordable Care Act2016
R224309/23/16SR101484Coaches Incentive Award (CIA) DOS Code2016
R224509/15/16SR101238DOS Code for Retention Pay2016
R224409/13/16SR101405Inactivate VLT DOS Code2016
R224209/08/16SR101476Pension Tier 2016 Modifications2016
R223608/11/16SR1014412016 BX Fair Share & CO Update2016
R223608/11/16SR1014402016 PX Fair Share & CO Update2016
R223108/03/16SR101386VOE Modifications2016
R223306/30/16SR101410Modify DOS Code HZS2016
R223206/30/16SR1014192016-2017 CalPERS 1959 Survivor Rate Adjustment2016
R223206/30/16SR101408UCRP Supplemental Assessment Rate FY 2016-172016
R223206/30/16SR101401FY2016-2017 OPEB Rate Adjustment2016
R223206/30/16SR101394CalPERS 2016-2017 Rate Adjustment2016
R223006/14/16SR1012082016 Pension Tier2016
R222905/05/16SR101243IX Ratification Lump Sum Payment2016
R222703/10/16SR101237Changes to PPP711 CPS Dependent Interface2016
R222402/11/16SR101202Student Employees VOE Opt Out Default2016
R222502/10/16SR101218CNA 2016 Agency/Fair Share/Conscientious Obj. Fee Update2016
R219601/21/16SR101029Remove Auto-Enroll to Medical, Dental & Vision2016
R221901/15/16SR101183ACA Standard Measurement One-time program2016
R222101/12/16SR1011872016 AFSCME Cap Increase2016
R222101/12/16SR1011822016 UPTE Dues and Fees Cap Increase2016
R222001/04/16SR101184FT Transaction Modifications2016
R222212/22/15SR1011942016 Qualified Transportation Benefits Rate Change2015
R221812/18/15SR101189Expense Distribution Pay Category Modification2015
R220812/16/15SR101123OE 2016, Post-Doc Arrears Rates Effective January 2016: Workers Comp, Life/AD&D2015
R221112/14/15SR101131Update Tax Treaty Income Code (EDB1170) and Tax Treaty Income Code Alternate (EDB1171) in PPS with New IRS Values2015
R220712/10/15SR1011392016 Qualified Parking Rate Changes2015
R220712/10/15SR101129FSA and HSA Limit Updates Effective 20162015
R220712/10/15SR101075Update Federal Tax Tables for 20162015
R220712/10/15SR101074Update California Tax Tables for Tax Year 20162015
R221712/08/15SR101165DOS Code Alignment Project2015
R221212/08/15SR101132Provide Employee Separation Dates for UnifyHR 1095-B Reporting2015
R219312/07/15SR100843Affordable Care Act Reporting Phase II2015
R218811/30/15SR100978California Minimum Wage 20162015
R221611/25/15SR101158Award DOS project2015
R220411/24/15SR100542Employer Shared Responsibility under the Affordable Care Act 2015 Implementation2015
R220511/23/15SR101122Open Enrollment 2016: Payroll Rate Advance Transactions2015
R220911/20/15SR1010722015 W-2 Changes2015
R220211/17/15SR100926PPS Extract For Verification of Employment2015
R221510/29/15SR100969Damage Payment DOS Code2015
R221010/21/15SR101135UPTE GTN 476 Update2015
R220109/11/15SR100641DX Bargaining Unit2015
R219908/31/15SR101041Include Post Doc Paid Direct in Standard Deduction Report2015
R220008/26/15SR1010692015 H&W Rates for DX2015
R219808/11/15SR1010552015 PX Fair Share & CO Update2015
R219808/11/15SR1010562015 BX Fair Share & CO Update2015
R219507/15/15SR101008Changes to PPP713 CPS Distribution Interface2015
R219407/14/15SR101036CNA NX Dues/Fees Cap Rate Update2015
R219107/06/15SR100983Negotiated Salary Trial Program Pay Codes2015
R219207/02/15SR1009802015 Covered Compensation Limit Changes2015
R219207/02/15SR100982CalPERS 2015-2016 Rate Adjustment2015
R219207/02/15SR100988FY2015-2016 OPEB Rate Adjustment2015
R219207/02/15SR1010212015-2016 CalPERS 1959 Survivor Rate Adjustment2015
R219207/02/15SR101032UCRP Supplemental Assessment Rate FY 2015-162015
R218906/08/15SR100979Remove Obsolete Medical Plan Codes2015
R218404/28/15SR100923Include Wellness Costs in W-2 Box 12 DD Total for Employees with Kaiser Insurance2015
R218504/15/15SR100954Correction to 2014 Covered Compensation Limit2015
R218203/23/15SR100916End Benefits Separation Month UPTE HX2015
R217103/10/15SR100849Expense Distribution Related Errors2015
R217802/09/15SR100885CNA Agency/Fair Share/Conscientious Objector Fee Update2015
R217901/30/15SR1008932015 403(b)/457(b) Plan Additional Catch-Up Limit Changes2015
R217501/23/15SR83847 2014 Employer Shared Responsibility under the Affordable Care Act2015
R217501/15/15SR1008702015 AFSCME Cap Increase2015
R217201/13/15SR100838UPTE Dues and Fees Cap Increases for HX, RX & TX2015
R217712/16/14SR1008762015 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rate Changes2014
R217412/15/14SR100869Update Federal Tax Tables for 20152014
R217412/15/14SR100862Update California Tax Tables for Tax Year 20152014
R216712/11/14SR100826Post Doc WC Rate Update for 20152014
R216712/11/14SR100832Open Enrollment 2015: Supplemental Disability Rate, Arrears Transactions2014
R216812/08/14SR1008392015 403(b)/457(b) Plan Elective Deferral Limit Changes2014
R216812/08/14SR1008352015 OASDI Employee Wage Base Increase2014
R216212/03/14SR100508IRS Employer Reporting Requirements under the Affordable Care Act, Phase I2014
R216511/26/14SR100827CX Lump Sum Payment $172014
R215911/21/14SR1007592014 W-2 Changes2014
R216911/20/14SR100831Open Enrollment 2015: Payroll Rate Advance Transactions2014
R217011/19/14SR100837UPTE HX, RX & TX Address Change2014
R216311/13/14SR100818PX Dues & Fees Update2014
R216311/13/14SR100817BX Dues & Fair Share/CO Deduction Changes2014
R215411/07/14SR100723Open Enrollment 2015 PPS Changes2014
R213910/20/14SR100617Carrier File Update2014
R215510/16/14SR100745DOS Code for By Agreement Hours on EDB2014
R215710/15/14SR100740HSA Contributions and CA Taxable Gross2014
R214610/02/14SR100490Add CFRA Leave Code to PPS2014
R215809/29/14SR100600Modification to EDB Entry Update Employee Personal Data 1 (EPD1) screen and allow additional values for 3 existing fields2014
R214409/19/14SR100434Correction to PPP6004 Report for State Wage and Withholding Reporting2014
R216109/18/14SR100802FUPOA Address Change2014
R213209/10/14SR100548PPS New Academic Title Pay Period Code2014
R215209/05/14SR100659Mask Bank Account Information on CICS and Web EDB Inquiry Screens2014
R215608/19/14SR1007852014 PX Fair Share & CO Update2014
R215608/19/14SR1007862014 BX Fair Share & CO Update2014
R215307/31/14SR100768Revised UCRP Supplemental Assessment Rate2014
R214307/24/14SR100699Enhancements to PPP6005 Report-EDD Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages File2014
R213307/21/14SR100665UCRP Rates Update 08/01/14 for EX and SX2014
R213807/18/14SR100612AFSCME EX Lump Sum2014
R214807/17/14SR100742FUPOA Dues Updates2014
R214907/16/14SR1007462014-2015 CalPERS 1959 Survivor Rate Adjustment2014
R213507/08/14SR100689Add Visa Type Code U-1 to PPS2014
R212806/30/14SR100614UCRP Rates Update July 1, 20142014
R214106/26/14SR100708UCRP Supplemental Assessment Rate FY 2014-152014
R213006/25/14SR100640CX Dues/Fees Rate Increase2014
R213606/24/14SR100693FY2014-2015 OPEB Rate Adjustment2014
R213406/23/14SR1006882014 Covered Compensation Limit Changes2014
R213706/20/14SR100679CalPERS 2014-2015 Rate Adjustment2014
R212506/19/14SR100611California Minimum Wage2014
R214006/18/14SR100662Change CX GTN & BU Descriptions2014
R212406/17/14SR83882 Removal of 3254-PostDoc Paid Directs from the Standard Deduction Report2014
R213106/06/14SR100613Extend ERIT to June 30 20172014
R212705/21/14SR83848 Core Medical Consolidated Billing Fix2014
R212005/20/14SR100271DOS Code for By Agreement Hours2014
R212305/06/14SR100559SX Lump Sum $2002014
R212205/01/14SR1006262014 H&W Rates for EX and SX2014
R211904/07/14SR83873 Visa Type Code DA for DACA2014
R211204/02/14SR100455RX TX One Time Lump Sum $100 Payment2014
R211304/01/14SR100456UPTE RX TX Lump Sum2014
R211804/01/14SR100472CUE One Time Lump Sum $13 Payment2014
R211603/12/14SR100434Correction to PPP6004 Report for State Wage and Withholding Reporting2014
R211103/07/14SR100431IX Lump Sum Payment2014
R211703/06/14SR100368State Controllers Office Annual Compensation Reporting2014
R210902/10/14SR100342Suspend PPS Derivation and Update of CCL Flag2014
R211502/10/14SR100440UCRP Rates for UPTE 03/01/142014
R211402/07/14SR1004802014 CNA Agency Fee Rate Update2014
R210601/17/14SR1002842013 Form 1042-S Changes2014
R210301/14/14SR83846 Annual Base Benefits Rate in PPS2014
R210201/13/14SR100408UCRP Rates for NX 02/01/142014
R210701/06/14SR1004412014 H&W Rates for UPTE2014
R210401/02/14SR1004132014 AFSCME Dues/Fees Cap Increase2014
R210112/10/13SR100422Update Federal Tax Tables for 20142013
R209812/09/13SR1003782014 OASDI Employee Wage Base Increase2013
R209812/09/13SR100390Update California Tax Tables for Tax Year 20142013
R209812/09/13SR1004142014 Qualified Transportation Benefits and Parking Rate Changes2013
R209412/09/13SR83938Streamline Health Insurance Reporting for W-2s2013
R209412/09/13SR1002882013 W-2 Changes2013
R209312/06/13SR83971Post Doc STD & WC Rate Updates for 20142013
R209312/06/13SR1003042014 Supplemental Disability Rates UCRP 2013 Tier2013
R209912/06/13SR83848Medical Plans 20142013
R209711/27/13SR100206Open Enrollment 2014 Payroll Rate Transactions2013
R208911/26/13SR100231Health Savings Account2013
R209511/08/13SR100334Add New Field to SLIAPP File From PPP7152013
R209210/10/13SR1002932013 UCRP 1976 Tier Rates for SX2013
R209010/08/13SR83936Decouple FSS, DCP, and UCRP Compensation Limits2013
R208810/01/13SR83932Fix PPP004 Local TCT Reports to display correct grades for SMG and MSP Titles2013
R208608/22/13SR100215CalPERS 2013-2014 Updated Rate Adjustment2013
R208508/13/13SR83965FUPOA 2013 Dues Updates2013
R208508/13/13SR839642013 BX Fair Share & CO Update2013
R208508/13/13SR839622013 PX Fair Share & CO Update2013
R208508/13/13SR83961AFT IX & LX Units 81811Fees & CO Cap Increase2013
R208308/05/13SR83960Remove Edit in PPS that Prevents Same Sex Spouses from Being Coded 2013
R208408/02/13SR839432013 H&W Rates for EX2013
R208207/11/13SR83734Add 6 H&W End Date fields to CPS Interface PPP711 3 for Employee and 3 for Dependent2013
R208107/10/13SR100141Career Tracks and MSP Grade Levels Table Update2013
R208007/08/13SR839592013-2014 CalPERS 1959 Survivor Rate Adjustment2013
R208007/08/13SR83958CalPERS 2013-2014 Rate Adjustment2013
R207907/03/13SR83957UCRS Supplemental Assessment Rate FY 2013-142013
R207706/20/13SR83956CNA NX Dues/Fees Cap Rate Update2013
R207606/14/13SR83948FY 2013 Covered Compensation Limit Changes2013
R207406/13/13SR83949OPEB FY 13/14 Rate Adjustment2013
R207306/06/13SR83916AFT IX & LX Units Dues Cap Increase2013
R207506/04/13SR83636Implement Post Employment Benefits New Tier Effective 7/1/20132013
R206905/09/13SR83791IT Separation Reason Code in End Benefits 2013
R206704/30/13SR83872Allow Citizenship Code R for Student Employees from India2013
R207104/26/13SR83897CUE IBT Dues/Fees Rate Increase2013
R207004/23/13SR839032013 Covered Compensation Limit Correction2013
R206804/17/13SR83879PPS Changes So PSS Title Range Can Be Used For MSP2013
R206603/26/13SR83891End Benefits Separation Month Postdoctoral Scholars2013
R206503/20/13SR83745End FSA on Last Day of Separation Month2013
R206303/04/13SR83886Amend 2013 NRA Additional Tax Amount per IRS Pub.15 Revised February 20132013
R206203/01/13SR83750NRA PostDoc Scholar H&W Benefits Exclusion From Imputed Income Process2013
R206102/25/13SR83876Amend 2013 NRA Additional Tax Amount per IRS Pub. 152013
R206002/12/13SR83693Send VSP Enrollment Flag to Medical Plans2013
R205901/31/13SR83856UPTE 2013 Dues and Fees Cap Increases for RX & TX2013
R205801/17/13SR838402013 Qualified Transportation Benefits and Parking Rate Changes2013
R205701/16/13SR837532012 Form 1042-S Changes2013
R205601/15/13SR83833AFSCME Cap Increase2013
R205501/14/13SR83760Update Federal Tax Tables for 20132013
R2053SR837522012 W-2 Changes2012
R2053SR83759Update PPS Foreign Country Code Table for 20122012
R2052SR83831Campus Pay Cycle Conversion (Generic)2012
R2051SR838002013 Covered Compensation and 403(b)/457(b) Plan Elective Deferral and Catch-Up Limit Changes2012
R2051SR838012013 OASDI Employee Rate Change and Wage Base Increase2012
R2051SR83810OPEB Mid-FY 12/13 Rate Adjustment2012
R2051SR83818Update California Tax Tables for Tax Year 20132012
R2050SR838112013 PostDoc Workers Comp Rate Update2012
R2050SR83746Open Enrollment and 2013 Benefits Changes2012
R2048SR837192013 Employee Medicare Tax Rate Increase for Wages in Excess of $200,000.002012
R2046SR83705BiWeekly Conversion Vacation Payout DOS Code2012
R2045SR83735ITP Modification 2012
R2044SR83660Inclusion of Employer-Paid StayWell Program and EAP on the Employee W-2 for 20122012
R2043SR83748PX Fair Share Increase2012
R2043SR83749BX Fair Share Increase2012
R2042SR83732Revised CalPERS 2012/2013 Rate Adjustment2012
R2042SR83742UCRP Supplemental Assessment Rate FY 2012-132012
R2041SR837112012 CNA Dues Cap Rate Update2012
R2040SR83697Modify BCS Deduction File to Include all Gross-to-Net Group Codes PPP7132012
R2040SR83547Add 3 new PAR Data Elements to FCPDST file PPP7132012
R2039SR83724OPEB FY 12/13 Rate Adjustment2012
R2038SR83695Extend ERIT to June 30 20142012
R2037SR83483Hours Toward Benefits Eligibility2012
R2037SR83354Overtime Double at Half DOS Code (ODH)2012
R2036SR83349Remove Zero Gross Transfer Edit2012
R2035SR83699Covered Compensation Limit for 20122012
R2035SR83692CalPERS 2012-2013 Rate Adjustment2012
R2034SR83648UCRP Rates Update July 1, 20122012
R2033SR83280End Benefits Last Day of Separation Month2012
R2032SR83614RX TX One Time Lump Sum $100 Payment2012
R2031SR83662AFT IX & LX Units Dues/Fees Rate & Cap Changes2012
R2031SR83667CUE - IBT Dues and Fees Rate Updates2012
R2030SR83510ScholarShare Transition from FIDELITY to TIAA- CREF2012
R2029SR83561Lump Sum Payment and Recoupment of the Delayed UCRP Rate Increase for CUE CX2012
R2028SR83617GTN Description Change and New GTN(C.N.A.)2012
R2028SR83568CUE Political Action Committee Program2012
R2026SR836382012 403B & 457B MAC Catch-up Limit Update2012
R2025SR83187Fidelity Payroll Adjustments2012
R2024SR83509Postdoc Reporting Process for Uncollected Premiums2012
R2022SR83508Recoupment of delayed UCRP rate increase for AFSCME SX October2012
R2022SR83505AFSCME SX Lump Sum2012
R2021SR83507Recoupment of delayed UCRP rate increase for AFSCME EX2012
R2021SR83506AFSCME EX Lump Sum2012
R2019SR83521UCRP and HN Rate Increase for RX TX2012
R2018SR836022012 W-4/DE 4 Template2012
R2017SR83553Incentive Payment DOS Code for Phased Retirement Program2012
R2016SR83580UPTE Cap Increase2012
R2016SR83555AFSCME Cap Increase2012
R2015SR83591 2012 H&W Rates for HX2012
R2013SR83598 2012 OASDI Employee Rate Change2011
R2012SR83593 Correct Rates and Labels for 2011 OASDI Contribution and Deduction on PPS System Parameter Table2011
R2011SR83560 UCRP Rate Increase for CUE CX2011
R2010SR83559 Reinstatement of UCRP Contributions for CUE CX2011
R2009SR83545 2011 Form 1042-S Changes2011
R2008SR83566 2012 Postdoctoral Scholar Workers Compensation Rate Change2011
R2008SR83567 2012 Postdoctoral Scholar Benefit Broker Fee Change2011
R2007SR83557 BRT Update for CUE CX2011
R2006SR83552 Time Reduction DOS Codes for Phased Retirement Program2011
R2005SR83522 2012 OASDI Wage Base Increase2011
R2005SR83524 2012 CA State Tax Table2011
R2005SR83525 2012 Qualified Transp Rate Change2011
R2005SR83535 2012 403b 457b Limits2011
R2005SR83569 2012 Federal Tax Tables2011
R2004SR83496 2011 W-2 Changes2011
R2003SR83503 Recoupment of Delayed UCRP rate increase for AFSCME SX2011
R2002SR83477 Open Enrollment 2012 Plan Year Payroll Modifications2011
R2002SR83549 2012 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rate Changes2011
R2000SR83531 Temporarily Discontinue ScholarShare2011
R1999SR83511 CNA GTN Description Change2011
R1999SR83411 Capture Employer Provided Health Insurance Cost W-2 Reporting2011
R1998SR83346 Removal of CA Imputed Income for Tax Dependency Codes T&N 2011
R1997SR83504 UCRP Rate Increase for AFSCME SX EX2011
R1996SR83457 UCRS Dummy SSN Assignment2011
R1995SR83502 BRT Update for AFSCME2011
R1994SR83431 Taxation of 2009 Health FSA Imputed Income for Tax Year20112011
R1992SR83015 UCRP Covered Comp Limit Employer Contribution2011
R1990SR83318 Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time Web Applications2011
R1990SR83224 Web EDB Changes Application2011
R1990SR83214Enhancements to the Web EDB System2011
R1989SR83433PX Unit Fair Share Agency Fee Increase BRD2011
R1989SR83444CBN DOS Code BRD2011
R1986SR83288Pay Transactions Web Service2011
R1984SR83299New UCRP Supplemental Assessment Rate2011
R1983SR83279Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time2011
R1982SR83338July 1,2011 Update to UCRP Rates in PPS2011
R1982SR83372CalPERS 2011-2012 Rate Adjustment2011
R1982SR83384OPEB Rate Adjustment FY 2011/20122011
R1981SR83370CNA BRT Update 20112011
R1980SR83371CalPERS 2011 Interim Rate Change2011
R1979SR83247HX One Time Lump Sum Payment2011
R1978SR832772011 Clear Advance EIC Tables2011
R1977SR83233UPTE RX TX Equity Lump Sum2011
R1974SR83181WebMerit View Only Access2011
R1971SR83264Update BX to 2011 Benefit Rates2011
R1970SR83127Form 1042-S Requirements for 2010 Tax Year2011
R1969SR83209OT program to process lump sum payments for eligible BX members and title code specific non-represented employees2011
R1968SR83142Recoup UCRP Contributions UPTE HX Unit2011
R1967SR83164Health Sciences Compensation Data2011
R1967SR83121Add Visa Types to PPS and Change Help Screen Text for Visa and Citizenship Codes2011
R1967SR83065Remove SSN from OPT1 reports2011
R1966SR83111PX Unit Dues Agency and Charity Fees Process Modificationn2011
R1965SR83191PX Unit Deduction Modifications2011
R1964SR83195UPTE Dues Agency and Charity Fees Cap Changes2011
R1964SR83205AFSCME Dues Agency and Charity Fees Cap Changes2011
R1963SR832192011 Federal Tax Table Updates2011
R1962SR83220Employee OASDI Rate Change2010
R1961SR831152010 W2 Modifications & SR83154 2011 W4DE4 Template2010
R1960SR831692011 PostDoc STD and WorkersComp Rate Change2010
R1959SR831662011 California Tax Table Updates2010
R1958SR83199PX Dues Agency and Charity Fees GTN Changes2010
R1956SR83175HIRE Act Data2010
R1955SR831712011 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rate Change2010
R1955SR83116Employee Paid Life 2011 Rate Changes2010
R1954SR82996FSA Deductions and Interface File< - Phase II2010
R1953SR82961>Web EDB Changes Application2010
R1952SR83021Medical Resident Medicare Refund Claims2010
R1951SR83014Fire Fighter Bargaining Unit Modification from System-wide to Local2010
R1950SR83074Open Enrollment 2011 Plan Year Modifications2010
R1949SR82749PX Unit Dues Agency and Charity Fees2010
R1948SR82998SMG Deans-Executive Life Override2010
R1947SR82551Safe Harbor DCP Contributions and SR83000 Imputed Income Changes for NonTax Dependent Children2010
R1946SR83138Reinstatement of UCRP Contributions for HX2010
R1946SR83139Apply Benefits Rates Table Updates for HX2010
R1945SR83078Clearing Unused Furlough Balances2010
R1944SR83066Variable Compensation DOS Codes2010
R1942SR83002Taxation of Health Care Reimbursement Account HCRA Imputed Income TaxYr 20102010
R1940SR82977Expense Transfer Edit2010
R1939SR83012OASDI Employer Share Exemption Qtrly Dist File2010
R1938SR83084One Time Program for PX ATB2010
R1937SR83089Reinstatement of UCRP Contributions for Eligible Postdoctotal Scholars2010
R1935SR83060UAW Agency Fee Rate Change 20102010
R1933SR83024CNA Dues Cap Rates2010
R1932SR82856DOS TRM and PTT Change Tax Computation when Combined with RegularPay2010
R1931SR82583Race and Ethnicity Data Restructuring in Payroll2010
R1931SR82806Health Sciences Compensation Data2010
R1931SR82979Add PPS Separation Reason Code to CPS Interface2010
R1931SR83016Web New Hire Appointment Department Code2010
R1930SR83028PERS Employer Contribution and CalPERS 1959 Survivor Rate Transactions2010
R1930SR83043PERS 1959 Survivor Rate 20102010
R1929SR82955OASDI Employer Share Exempt Federal HireAct 20102010
R1928SR82984UPTE New Charitable Deduction for RXTX Members2010
R1928SR82986OPEB Rate Change FY 2010-20112010
R1928SR82989Academic Personnel DOS Codes AFR and OEN2010
R1927SR82921UPTE Lump Sum Payment2010
R1926SR82976UCRP Restart Employer Contributions in Expense Distribution2010
R1925SR82858Add BELI to CONEXIS FSA File2010
R1924SR82820Salary Cap Edit on Expense Transfers2010
R1923SR82349Web EDB Update Phase I New Hire2010
R1922SR82950UCRP Restart Expense Distribution Modification2010
R1920SR82944Apply BRT Update for UPTE 20102010
R1919SR82876Reinstatement UCRP Contributions2010
R1918SR82890Inactivate Academic Personnel DOS Codes2010
R1916SR82874NSF RCR Special Training Codes2010
R1915SR82831Federal Tax Table NonResident Aliens 20102010
R1914SR82912Restart Contributions for START Program2010
R1912SR82892Modify the Derived Percent Calculation2010
R1911SR82917AFSCME Cap Changes 20102010
R1910SR828172009 Form 1042S2010
R1909SR82905CNA Agency Fee and Charity Deductions 20102010
R1908SR82828Modify START Program End Date2010
R1906SR82760PXU UnionRosterFile2010
R1905SR82797Add SLCG Grade and EffDt to PAN2010
R1904SR82861Apply BRT Updates for CNA 20102010
R1902SR82863Federal Contracts and Grants Salary Cap 20102010
R1901SR82584New Code Off Above Scale Indicator2010
R1900SR82849CUE Temporary Layoff Agreement2010
R1896SR82597W2 2009 Reporting2009
R1895SR82822W4-DE4 2010 Template2009
R1893SR82799Foreign Country Code Table YE2009 and SR82815 CA State Tax Update 2010 and SR82832 Federal Tax Updates 20102009
R1892SR82601Fiscal Year 2009-2010 Salary Reduction2009
R1892SR82601Fiscal Year 2009-2010 Salary Reduction2009
R1891SR828112010 Postdoc Workers Comp and SR82783 Employee Paid Disability 2010 Rate Changes2009
R1890SR82743Benefit Rates Table Update 2010 Open Enrollment and SR82784 Accid Death and Dismemberment 2010 Rate Changes 2009
R1889SR82390DOS Code Table Inactive Table Entries2009
R1888SR82585Remove Access to COBRA IDOC and SR82612 SHPS Clean Up2009
R1886SR82782AP DOS Code Updates2009
R1885SR82579Add Division Field to CONEXIS Semi-Monthly File and SR82729 Rederive MCB Upon Rehire 2009
R1884SR82483Track E-Verification of Employees and SR82614 InterLocation Transfer Separation Code 2009
R1883SR82790Reduction OneTime Modification2009
R1882SR82649Taxation of HCRA Imputed Income TaxYr 20092009
R1880SR82711Add CTO to ERS PPI441 Extract2009
R1879SR82432PPP6271 Paper Report2009
R1878SR82742New DOS Furlough Exchange Program FEP2009
R1875SR82689UAW Agency Fee 20092009
R1872SR82628Executive Salary Reduction Program Fiscal Year 09-102009
R1869SR82496Add Leave DOS codes to CPS Distribution File and modify BCS Deduction File2009
R1867SR82619CNA Dues CAP Change July20092009
R1866SR82410AYSO DirectDeposit and SR82566 Add Online Earnings Stmt Ind to PPSIVR Interface File2009
R1864SR82593Modify and Update State Tax Table2009
PAY-LSR82602Covered Comp Limit 20092009
PAY-LSR82604PERS Survivor Rate 20092009
PAY-LSR82605OPEB Rate 20092009
PAY-LSR82606PERS rate change 20092009
R1863SR82470Add Med Plan to VSP Carrier File2009
R1862SR82205Time Reporting Service2009
R1860SR82501Support new PX Unit Postdoctoral Scholars2009
PAY-LSR82550DOS Code Updates2009
PAY-LSR82536DOS Code Updates2009
PAY-LSR82529AP DOS Code Updates2009
R1859SR82556Employee Voluntary Separation Program DOS Code2009
R1858SR82518Add Plan Coverage End Date To PPSIVR Interface Extract2009
R1857SR82473Federal State Tax Withholding Allowance Edit Removal2009
R1856SR82463ERS Interface Prorate Derived Percent2009
PAY-LSR82516FedTax EIC EICLimit 0209 RecoveryAct Updates2009
PAY-LSR82524NonResident Alien FlatAmt Updates2009
R1855SR824292008 Form 1042S2009
PAY-LSR825062009 Increase PreTax Transit Benefit Limit2009
R1854SR82447EDEM Screen Add Employee Name2009
PAY-LSR824812009 NX Medical Benefit Rates2009
PAY-LSR82491START Program 20092009
R1853SR82445PCT Lump Sum2009
PAY-LSR82471Assessment Rate Table Change2009
PAY-LSR82436DOS Code Updates2009
R1852SR82209Consolidated Billing ph12009
R1850SR82219Web Merit Roster 20082009
R1849SR82399W4DE4 2009 Template2009
R1848SR82367120TOE enhancements2009
R1848SR82254Remove SSN from Screens2009
R1848SR82495Leave Transfers 120Day TOE Process2009
R1847SR82395Expand MCB Proration Calculation2008
PAY-LSR82427AFSCME cap2008
PAY-LSR82420HX Cap 20092008
R1846SR82373W2 2008 Reporting2008
PAY-LSR82439Country Code TableYE20082008
PAY-LSR82422Deferral limits 20092008
PAY-LSR824002009 CA tax updates2008
PAY-LSR824052009 Postdoc Workers Comp2008
PAY-LSR82389Short Term Disability2008
PAY-LSR82382AD&D 20092008
PAY-LSR82374EE Paid Disability 20092008
PAY-LSR823482009 BRT2008
R1844SR82341OpenEnrollment08-09 and SR82297 BXDepCare2008
R1842SR82208WHO screen performance2008
R1840SR82280CA Drivers Lic Display2008
R1839SR82345New Special Training Code2008
R1838SR82195Obsolete Medical Plans 20082008
PAY-LSR14900FUPOA Dues Changes2008
R1836SR82245Obsolete Interim Carrier2008
R1835SR82242Cal Casualty Electronic File2008
PAY-LSR82294UAW Agency Fee Rate 20082008
PAY-LSR82277CNA Deductions 20082008
R1831SR82233ARSM Rule Change2008
R1828SR82243AFSCME Dues Movement2008
R1827SR82240COBRA IDOC StayWell2008
R1826SR82160Union File Reporting Mods2008
R1825SR82176Transfer Benefits With Zero Gross2008
R1824SR82194Web Merit 2008 Changes Extract and Costing2008
PAY-LSR82200Covered Comp Limit 20082008
PAY-LSR82237PERS 1959 Survivor Rate 20082008
PAY-LSR82241OPEB Rate 20082008
PAY-LSR82253PERS Rate Change 20082008
R1823SR82146HSSPP Obsolete2008
R1822SR82216Remove SSN from Union Dues Deduction Reporting2008
R1821SR82172START 20082008
R1820SR82182OPEB Month 132008
R1819SR82183COBRA IDOC2008
PAY-LSR82135DOS Codes Modifications2008
R1816SR82187Final Pay Pay Disposition2008
R1813SR82110UCRS plan codes PPI730522008
R1811SR82162SRDP DOS Codes2008
PAY-LSR82196nx iap2008
R1810SR82143Removal of PPP170 and USER17 programs2008
R1809SR819752007 Merit Reports2008
R1808SR82112MCB Over Nine2008
R1806SR821092008 W4-DE4 Template2008
R1804SR81824Be Smart About Safety2008
PAY-LSR82102Changes to GTN 397 and 7312008
R1803SR82076Requirements for 2007 Form 1042-S2008
PAY-LSR82116Assessment Rate Table Change2008
PAY-LSR82097EX Med Rates2008
R1800SR82032Armed Forces Service Medal2008
R1798SR82043obsolete CPS403b file2008
PAY-LSR820792008 Tax Tables2007
PAY-LSR82078AFSCME Cap January 20082007
R1797SR81972SSN verification2007
R1796SR82047W2 2007 req2007
PAY-LSR820372008 Post Doctoral Scholar Workers Comp Rate Change2007
PAY-LSR82031EE Paid Disability2007
PAY-LSR819912008 Postdoctoral Scholars Open Enrollment Rates2007
PAY-LSR820242008 Rates for HI MAX Medicare Ref2007
PAY-LSR820112008 OERates2007
PAY-LSR82046UPTE Dues Agency Fees Charities CAP January 20082007
R1791SR81977OpenEnrollment08 phaseI2007
R1790SR81768Add Derived Percent Time To CPS2007
R1787SR81970OCT2007 SX Across-the-Board Increase2007
PAY-LSR82006PERS Rate Change2007
R1785SR81962MCB Remove Shift2007
R1784SR81971Oct2007 SX Custodians Wage Increases2007
R1780SR81863Duplicate Insurance Coverage Report2007
PAY-LSR819642007 BX unit agency fee rate change2007
PAY-LSR81946DOS codes2007
R1779SR81932Apr2007 SX Custodians Wage Increases2007
R1778SR81925Apr2007 SX Low Wage Worker Increase2007
R1777SR81909Web Merit 2007-Phase II2007
R1776SR81942PAR-ERS Earnings Data Over 100 percent2007
R1775SR81920Apr2007 EX Low Wage Worker Increase2007
R1774SR81912Add Foreign Addr Fields to CPS2007
R1773SR81871US Savings Bonds2007
PAY-LSR81934IAP Rates2007
R1772SR15125PCP Obsolete2007
PAY-LSR81889FF Med Rates2007
PAY-LSR81916CNA Dues July 20072007
R1771SR81919Add Home Dept Loc Ind to Carrier File2007
R1770SR81873Web Merit 20072007
PAY-LSR81906PERS 1959 Survivor Rate2007
PAY-LSR818912007 OPEB Rate Change2007
PAY-LSR81890PERS Rate Change 20072007
PAY-LSR817022007 Cov Comp Rate Change2007
R1769SR81769OPEB Reporting Process Modifications2007
R1768SR81870Remove SSN From PPP1342007
R1767SR81883MCB One Time2007
R1766SR81862NonRep Low Wage Worker Increase2007
R1765SR81854HX 2007 Lump Sum2007
R1764SR81822DOS Codes VTR ITR2007
PAY-LSR81843DOS Codes FFH and CHD2007
PAY-LSR81832IAP Rates 20072007
R1763SR81797UCRP Employer Contrib Rates2007
PAY-LSR81831HX Med Rates2007
R1761SR81793Obsolete Name Change2007
R1760SR81782QW4 IRS file2007
PAY-LSR81767AFT Dues AF Charity Change2007
R1758SR81808Increase OASDI Max Gross2007
R1756SR81626Generic GL Entries for NGO2007
R1755SR81561Nonresident alien changes2007
PAY-LSR81788Changes to the Description of Service2007
PAY-LSR817912007 Rate of Base Pay for Contracts and Grants2007
R1754SR81753Remove BRSC2007
R17532006 1042-S Changes2007
R1751SR81790Create W2 Onetime2007
R1750SR81765Add GTN635 PPS DED2007
PAY-LSR81744Create 2007 HX FF KM BRT Trans2007
PAY-LSR81743Create 2007 Benefits Rates Transactions2007
R1748SR81728Edit Change for Nonresident Aliens2007
R1747SR817612007 W4-DE4 Template2007
PAY-LSR81762Katrina Inactive2006
PAY-LSR817562007 AFSCME Changes2006
PAY-LSR81750PPS DOS Codes2006
PAY-LSR817582007 Tax Table Updates2006
R1745SR817242006 W-2 Reporting Requirements2006
R1745SR81615PPS OW22006
R1744SR81714UPTE Payroll Deduction Mods2006
PAY-LSR81723Select EPO rates 20072006
PAY-LSR81718MAC Rates System Parameter Form2006
PAY-LSR817112007 Rates OASDI Medicare2006
PAY-LSR816922007 Postdoc Open Enrollment Rates2006
R1742SR81600120 day2006
R1741SR81727PPP230 Reporting Change2006
PAY-LSR81710Revised DOS Codes2006
R1740SR81679Change MCB Calculation2006
R1739SR81540Benefits by BU2006
R1738SR817122006 W-2 Section 457 Changes2006
R1737SR81721TC to Fidelity transition ScholarShare2006
PAY-LSR81634PPS DOS Codes2006
R1732SR81659IVR Web Additions2006
R1731SR81608SHPS Debit Card PPS2006
R1729SR81595SX 2006 Reporting2006
PAY-LSR81644Retention of Inactive Employees2006
R1726SR81617WebMerit followup2006
R1725SR81525SMS DCP MemoCode2006
R1724SX 2006 Open Range ATB Increase2006
R1723SR16338 SLCS Extracts2006
R1722SR81447Web Merit 2006 II2006
R1718SR81578EX 2006 Reporting2006
R1717SR81553COBRA IDOC2006
R1716SR81512SMG Grade Changes2006
PAY-LSR81585CNABRT updates2006
R1715SR81573Retirement Calc Research2006
PAY-LSR81581IAP Table Changes 20062006
R1714SR81564EX ATB2006
R1713SR81451WebMerit 20062006
PAY-LSR81576DOS Code TIP and BAA2006
PAY-LSR81570DOS Tax Prep Reimbursement2006
R1712SR81529Cost Alloc-workers comp2006
R1711SR81489PostDoc Enrollment PPS Interface2006
R1710SR81486Special Training Code2006
PAY-LSR81545PERS Survivor Benefit2006
PAY-LSR81541Postdoc Admin Fee2006
PAY-LSR81537OPEB Rate 20062006
PAY-LSR81536Cov Comp Rate Change 20062006
PAY-LSR81535PERS Rate Change 20062006
PAY-LSR81534Performance Bonus DOS2006
PAY-LSR81513Bonus DOS2006
R1708SR81524SX 2006 Reporting2006
R1707SR81500SX ATB2006
R1706SR81358Direct deposit file2006
R1704SR81431Step Edit Phase II2006
R1702SR81441AFT Dues Filter2006
PAY-LSR16972TLP table2006
R1701SR81264COBRA election notice2006
R1700SR16980GASB47 statement2006
R1699SR81488ZeroSSN mod2006
R1698SR81452CX lump sum20062006
R1697SR81460Salary Cap Report2006
R1696SR81437SRDP DOS2006
PAY-LSR81450Cert Pay Gen DOS2006
R1694SR16996Effort Reporting System2006
R1693SR81427TX lump sum20062006
R1692SR81423RX lump sum 20062006
R1691SR16963Postdoc Follow-up Issues 2006
R1691SR16976Postdoc Follow-up Issues 2006
R1690SR16966IBRS Modification2006
R1688SR81218WOS to CPS2006
R1687SR169932005 1042-S changes2006
PAY-LSR81433IAP transactions2006
R1683SR169892006 W4-DE42006
R1682SR16982Student FICA Changes2006
PAY-LSR16994Assessment Rates 20062006
PAY-LSR169912006 Tax Tables2005
PAY-LSR813832005 Tax Tables2005
R1681SR169872005 w2 req2005
R1679SR16934Alien Reporting2005
R1678SR16978E-3 Visa2005
R1677SR16977Japan Ctzn change2005
PAY-LSR16990Open_Enrollment Rates2005
R1676SR16974ESI Online Earnings Stmt2005
R1675SR16988SMS expense2005
R1674SR81364DED Derivation2005
R1673SR16984WebPAN rewrite2005
R1671SR81318SX 2005 Reporting2005
R1670SR81309Senior Management Supplement2005
R1669SR16979Salary Cap Reporting2005
R1666SR81287EX 2005 Reporting2005
R1663SR81331STIP MRK Reporting2005
R1662SR16975AFSCME PAC2005
R1661SR81307SX ATB2005
R1659SR81286EX 2005 Open Range ATB Increase2005
R1658SR16949Life ADD PDS2005
R1657SR81195roster dept selection list2005
R1656SR16971Tax Withholding Allowances2005
PAY-LSR16968CNA Dues2005
PAY-LSR16957Fire Fighters Dues2005
PAY-LSR16955PERS survivorbenefit2005
R1655SR81266SX lump sum fix2005
R1653SR16945Distribution of PER2005
R1652SR81256zeroSSN report2005
R1651SR81214De-enroll for Inelig Deps2005
R1649SR81192PPS subloc expansion2005
R1648SR81254START date change2005
R1647SR16954Salary CAP EDB Edits2005
R1646SR81247SX lump sum2005
R1644SR81167MRK GTN conversion2005
R1641SR81224Mod Salary Step Edit2005
R1638SR16943Separation Date Edit2005
R1636SR81128Salary Step Edit2005
R1635SR81156MRK derivations2005
R1630SR169422005 W4 DE42005
R1628SR81092TCT list change2005
R1626SR81160HMO Disruption2005
R1625SR16961Mod Postdoc Enrollment2005
R1618SR169401042-S 20042005
R1618SR16938NRA taxation2005
R1617SR80896PPP9408 electronic2005
R1616SR16941address edits2004
R1615SR16933Postdoc process2004
R1614SR16939W2 20042004
R1612SR81045UCRS Interface 740 changes2004
R1611SR80919HCRA DCRA to history2004
R1610SR81089HCRA DCRA processing2004
R1608SR80961Dependent Edit Payroll2004
R1607SR81049OE file2004
R1607SR16935Postdoc benefits2004
R1605SR16937Postdoc OT2004
R1605SR80959ELI Derivation and Student Appts2004
R1602SR80980FF unit2004
R1601SR80960EX Reporting2004
R1599SR80895457 Plan2004
R1599SR80964457 Payroll Interface2004
R1597SR80956EX ATB2004
R1592SR16932Generalized Direct Deposit GTN2004
R1591SR16960PPS ERS Percent Time2004
R1581SR80871TX step conversion2004
R1580SR80846RX step conversion32004
R1579SR80845emp status2004
R1578SR80884Web Merit modifications2004
R1578SR80785Merit Neg Restoration2004
R1576SR14887Prorate Only2004
R1575SR16901Time PANs2004
R1573SR16923SSN Browse2004
R1572SR16928IDOC IHHR2004
R1571SR16916Add YTD to PAR2004
R1570SR80820UCRS Subject Gross Indicator2004
R1569SR80843UCRS Fund Change IDOC2004
R1568SR80832CNA deduction2004
R1567SR80783Dependent reporting changes2004
R1566SR16929Account Reconciliation File Changes2004
R1562SR80691EAP Sub Loc at UCLA2004
R1562SR80692TCT Sub Loc Mod2004
R1561SR80782CNA dues changes2004
R1560SR14895SSN Header Record2004
R1559SR16921PAN followup changes2004
R1557SR16926BX UAW VCAP2004
R1553SR80637Staff Severance2004
R1552SR80740UCRS Fund Changes2004
R1551SR16925Magnetic Media Changes for 20032004
R1549SR80694Add Loc Indicator to UCRS2004
R1548SR80606Unit18 750hrs2004
R1547SR14891Account Reconciliation2004
R1544SR80718BX Lump Sum2004
R1539SR80669Inquiry Code Trans Removal2003
R1538SR80677Benefit Default at Rehire2003
R1536SR80597Foreign Addresses2003
R1535SR14894SSN Off Check Rev2003
R1534SR14898add Visas2003
R1534SR16920CTT table edit2003
R1534SR80661Separation Reason Codes2003
R1533SR148972003 1042S2003
R1532SR148922003 W22003
R1531SR805514 TIER Legal2003
R1531SR80591Legal Changes2003
R1530SR148932004 W4DE42003
R1529SR80552PIN authorization2003
R1526SR80617Duration of Appt changes2003
R1525SR14890Tax Treaty Limit2003
R1523SR80461DepCare End Date fix2003
R1520SR80579TX wage reporting2003
R1519SR80578RX wage reporting2003
R1518SR80599UBL report2003
R1515SR80580IX wage settlement2003
R1513SR80335Web merit atb2003
R1512SR80587LOA modifications2003
R1511SR80520Benefits Changes2003
R1509SR14889DOS code RTB2003
R1507SR80564TX ATB increase2003
R1506SR80563RX ATB increase2003
R1505SR80539MAC update2003
R1503SR14886CA Flat Tax2003
R1502SR80534PPP670 change2003
R1501SR80512CX wage reporting2003
R1500SR80503Union Ded File Change2003
R1498SR80487CX Lump Sum2003
R1492SR14876Special Computation Selection2003
R1490SR80454ACI Termination2003
R1488SR80449START union file2003
R1487SR14888GTN ScholarShare2003
R1486SR80415UAW AFSCME CUE2003
R1483SR80443Corr Student Emp2003
R1481SR80381Students in UCRP2003
R1477SR80282UCRS File Mod AREP-TUC2003
R1476SR80253UCRS foreign address2003
R1475SR80400HCRA Effective Date2003
R1473SR16913ATB Action Code2003
R1472SR80389LOA code2003
R1470SR16915WSP Web PAN2003
R1469SR80384American Century2003
R1468SR16914Web EDB labor relations enhancements2003
R1467SR80385SR80333 Fix2003
R1461SR80333Monthly Employee File2003
R1458SR80286SHPS File2003