Completed Service Requests - 2011

RLSE - Service Request
R2013 - SR83598 2012 OASDI Employee Rate Change
R2012 - SR83593 Correct Rates and Labels for 2011 OASDI Contribution and Deduction on PPS System Parameter Table
R2011 - SR83560 UCRP Rate Increase for CUE CX
R2010 - SR83559 Reinstatement of UCRP Contributions for CUE CX
R2009 - SR83545 2011 Form 1042-S Changes
R2008 - SR83566 2012 Postdoctoral Scholar Workers’ Compensation Rate Change
R2008 - SR83567 2012 Postdoctoral Scholar Benefit Broker Fee Change
R2007 - SR83557 BRT Update for CUE CX
R2006 - SR83552 Time Reduction DOS Codes for Phased Retirement Program
R2005 - SR83522 2012 OASDI Wage Base Increase
R2005 - SR83524 2012 CA State Tax Table
R2005 - SR83525 2012 Qualified Transp Rate Change
R2005 - SR83535 2012 403b 457b Limits
R2005 - SR83569 2012 Federal Tax Tables
R2004 - SR83496 2011 W-2 Changes
R2003 - SR83503 Recoupment of Delayed UCRP rate increase for AFSCME SX
R2002 - SR83477 Open Enrollment 2012 Plan Year Payroll Modifications
R2002 - SR83549 2012 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rate Changes
R2000 - SR83531 Temporarily Discontinue ScholarShare
R1999 - SR83511 CNA GTN Description Change
R1999 - SR83411 Capture Employer Provided Health Insurance Cost W-2 Reporting
R1998 - SR83346 Removal of CA Imputed Income for Tax Dependency Codes T&N
R1997 - SR83504 UCRP Rate Increase for AFSCME SX EX
R1996 - SR83457 UCRS Dummy SSN Assignment
R1995 - SR83502 BRT Update for AFSCME
R1994 - SR83431 Taxation of 2009 Health FSA Imputed Income for Tax Year2011
R1992 - SR83015 UCRP_Covered_Comp_Limit_Employer_Contribution
R1990 - SR83318_Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time – Web Applications
R1990 - SR83224_Web EDB Changes Application
R1990 - SR83214_Enhancements to the Web EDB System
R1989 - SR83433_PX_Unit_Fair_Share_Agency_Fee_Increase_BRD
R1989 - SR83444_CBN_DOS_Code_BRD
R1986 - SR83288_Pay_Transactions_Web_Service
R1984 - SR83299_New UCRP Supplemental Assessment Rate
R1983 - SR83279_Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time
R1982 - SR83338_July 1,2011 Update to UCRP Rates in PPS
R1982 - SR83372_CalPERS 2011-2012 Rate Adjustment
R1982 - SR83384_OPEB Rate Adjustment – FY 2011/2012
R1981 - SR83370_CNA_BRT_Update_2011
R1980 - SR83371_CalPERS_2011_Interim_Rate_Change
R1979 - SR83247_HX_One_Time_Lump_Sum_Payment
R1978 - SR83277_2011_Clear_Advance_EIC_Tables
R1977 - SR83233_UPTE_RX_TX_Equity_Lump_Sum
R1974 - SR83181_WebMerit_View_Only_Access
R1971 - SR83264_Update BX to 2011 Benefit Rates
R1970 - SR83127_Form 1042-S Requirements for 2010 Tax Year
R1969 - SR83209_OT program to process lump sum payments for eligible BX members and title code specific non-represented employees
R1968 - SR83142_Recoup_UCRP_Contributions_UPTE_HX_Unit
R1967 - SR83164_Health Sciences Compensation Data
R1967 - SR83121_Add Visa Types to PPS and Change Help Screen Text for Visa and Citizenship Codes
R1967 - SR83065_Remove SSN from OPT1 reports
R1966 - SR83111_PX_Unit_Dues_Agency_and_Charity_Fees_Process_Modificationn
R1965 - SR83191_PX_Unit_Deduction_Modifications
R1964 - SR83195_UPTE_Dues_Agency_and_Charity_Fees_Cap_Changes
R1964 - SR83205_AFSCME_Dues_Agency_and_Charity_Fees_Cap_Changes
R1963 - SR83219_2011_ Federal _Tax _Table_ Updates